Trace Root Is Not Reaching The Destination

Dear All,

We have hosted two different web sites in two different Amazone servers and both are located at Singapore region.
And clients are using web service request to download/upload the data. Now we are facing a strange problem,
while calling the web service there is a error like 'Not Able to Connect To Server' and this is happening only to one of the server.
When i tried trace root to the server, trace is reaching up to from there continuously request time out is coming where as the trace is to the other server is reaching the destination passing through .

Please find the attached screen shot for both the trace details.

Can anybody suggest a solution.
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Zephyr ICTCloud ArchitectCommented:
It seems to be working from Dallas, Texas:
Tracing route to []...
hop 	rtt 	rtt 	rtt 	  	ip address 	fully qualified domain name
1 	1 	2 	1
2 	2 	0 	0
3 	0 	0 	0
4 	2 	0 	0
5 	0 	0 	0
6 	39 	39 	39
7 	39 	40 	39
8 	* 	* 	* 	  		
9 	210 	210 	210
10 	209 	209 	209
11 	209 	208 	208 	
12 	212 	212 	212 	
13 	220 	219 	219 	
14 	210 	210 	210

Trace complete

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Tracing route to []...
hop 	rtt 	rtt 	rtt 	  	ip address 	fully qualified domain name
1 	0 	0 	0
2 	0 	0 	0
3 	0 	0 	0
4 	0 	0 	0
5 	0 	0 	0
6 	41 	40 	40
7 	40 	41 	40
8 	207 	214 	*
9 	218 	211 	218
10 	216 	219 	216
11 	216 	216 	216 	
12 	214 	223 	220 	
13 	226 	220 	227 	
14 	211 	211 	211

Trace complete

Open in new window

So maybe it's an ISP issue? Routing not propagated? ... Is it a continuous problem or is it coming and going?
Andy MIT Systems ManagerCommented:
Just done tracert's from here in the UK and both appear to be fine here too. As spravtek has said souns like an ISP/routing issue. I'd recommend speaking to Amazon and your ISP about it, get them talking to see if they can find the problem.
dilipsjainAuthor Commented:

Thanks For the Reply.

This is a continuous problem and the problem is only with the clients who uses AirTel broad band connections.
As we discussed with the providers technical team, they are saying like request is reaching up to Singapore Amazone Server and that server is rejecting the request and they are stating that it is a amazone related issue.

But when do trace root to other server that is with the same connection it is reaching there and this request also passing through the same Ip

What may be the reason for this..?
Zephyr ICTCloud ArchitectCommented:
Still, might be an ISP routing issue, in this case AirTel so it seems ... Maybe try to contact the technical department of the provider?

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