re order windows files

On a shared drive, I want to reorder the folders without renaming them. Is there an attribute I can add to do this?
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
How are you viewing them?  Windows Explorer sorts the file listings when it displays them.  Even 'dir' on the command line sorts the files.  I don't even know how to see the 'raw' file list order.
zelfanetAuthor Commented:
In other words, I don't want to see them by alphabetical, date modified or type. I want to add something and put them in my own order.
That would require a client that would "listen" to your order. Writing your own client seems to be the only way. Also, the order kind of has to be hard coded into the app (or a config file needs to be read), as there's no way besides the name what you can easily change in the filesystem.
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zelfanetAuthor Commented:
So there's no way to add an attribute to each folder and sort by it?
There's no way. Even if there was a way with you tinkering the FAT or NTFS filesystem, the attribute would probably be ignored again through the SMB/CIFS protocol and you'd be back to square 1.

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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Not in the standard Windows Explorer views.  You could write your own file and directory listing program to sort things however you wanted.  But that would not change the order for anyone else.
In Explorer you have an option Sort by", and the defaults there are "Name", "Type" (Extension), "Size" and "Free Space", and you can also select "Ascending" or "Descending". There is also a "More..." option, which allows you to add more options to the selection (that is Windows 7).

Windows 10 TP has even more criteria you can choose to sort by.
There's a zillion unused attributes that explorer can use to sort. Question is: Do you know how to edit them?
There are tools for (mass) attribute editing. I used one simply called"attribute editor".
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Depends what the files are.  But even then it wouldn't be easy.  Some files have metadata and you can add your own tags and then when viewing in Explorer, you can choose the columns you want and then sort ascending or descending by that column.

But I've never paid much attention to Meta Data of files (check out the properties of an MP3, for example, it allows you to edit things like the artist, etc, and I believe fill in the blank on other fields).  

Some more information and examples:

You can also look at adding metadata to files - I'm sure it's possible, just not sure how...
Using metadata is already questionable on files (as the real program that reads the file will probably get upset), but even then, it was about folders. Folders can't contain metadata.
Have you tried using sortorder? It's part of using Dir.
Scroll down for description on using sortorder.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Alternative - create a series of shortcuts to the folders and rename them in a sortable order.  The actual folders won't be renamed but it can now be viewed as you want.  Or you can also use symbolic links in another folder.
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