Convert C# to VB.NET

Hello I'm trying to make a plugin for a personal project I'm working on VB.NET however it's being difficult for me as I'm not an adept in C#.

The code I'm trying to convert is this:

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Windows.Form;
using Plugin.Classes;
using Plugin.Interfaces;

namespace MyFirstPlugin
	public class MyFirstPlugin : IPluginInstruction
		private List<IPluginArgument> _arguments;

		public MyFirstPlugin()
			_arguments = new List<IPluginArgument>();
			_arguments.Add(new PluginArgument(ArgumentType.Text, 250, "Text", "The text to display", null));
		public void Execute()
		public string Name
			get 	{ 	return "My First Plugin";	}
		public ILists<IPluginArgument> Arguments
			get 	{ 	return _arguments;	}

		public event EventHandler<SetVariableEventArg> SetVariable;

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I've tried using the automated converters out there, but they seem to fix only a portion of the problem, when I type down the converted code back in Visual Studio, it prompts other errors like:

Code Image With Errors
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for implement issues just highlight your interface and there should be a tab on the bottom left of the name. if you select that there should be some implement options.
AxDSanAuthor Commented:
This is what happens when I highlight the interface:

right click on it, then... there is a listing for implement interface
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AxDSanAuthor Commented:
Right Clcked:
k, vb is different... sorry just do a carridge return after the interfaces name and it should stub it in

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AxDSanAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much, solved.
sweet.... you are welcome.
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