How to Expand RAID 1 Volume?

Hi Everyone,
I have an old Microsoft 2003 domain server (active directory) with RAID 1 that has two 160 GB SATA hardirves.  
One of the hardrives failed.  I need to replace the HD and increase the disk capacity possibly to 1TB disk.
I know if I use a 1TB disk I only get 160 GB (the smaller HD in the RAID).
Besides Partition Manager anybody knows about a free software that I can use to expand the volume.
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That is the nature of the any raid, smallest hard drive rules size.  Best bet is to copy everything from the 160GB and install two 1TB and then restore to new RAID.
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Usually if you change drives one by one then you see the free space after the 160GB partition(s) in Windows Disk Management. With OS starting from 2008 you can even expand the partitions with Windows Tools.
But as I see you have 2003. Means you need to use third party partitioning tool.

Best step for you and the fastest (rebuild takes time) is to backup current configuration, rebuild RAID with new drives, restore from backup.
I think you have already a backup tool on this server, do you?
Software RAID or hardware RAID? If hardware what controller?
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Change2009Author Commented:
The Motherboard is Intel Server board S3000AH  with embedded RAID Technology . Therefore it is hardware Raid.

I do have back up but just the data not full server backup(Active Directory..), therefore I can not restore from backup unless I rebuild the RAID on two new 1 TB disk, install OS, AD and then restore the data,  I then have to join the few workstations to new domain. It will be a day or two work for me and I was looking for a faster way to accomplish it,

Since there are only 5 users in domain, I am thinking to just create a new RAID, install windows 7 and use workgroup rather than installing Active Directory.
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Actually this is not a hardware RAID. It is a fake hardware RAID. So yes, full backup and recovery over new configuration is recommended.
Or as you say yourself - use workgroup instead of DC/AD. AD does not like the hardware changes much.
Change2009Author Commented:
Hello and Thank you for your input, I just thought I should ask again before I change the environment from DOMAIN to Workgroup, if I can buy a cheap app (below $100) to backup and restore to new drive(raid) as you have mentioned the whole system (backup and recovery)? At the moment I use syncbackup pro from 2brightspark.
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Cheap software will not let you change hardware. Usually you beed to asjust the OS to new hardware (storage controller). Otherwise you will get BSOD 0x0007b after restore.

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