Crystal Report Parameter Field

When creating a parameter field in Crystal Report, how can I make the valve list show all the data in that field?
Jeff SwimsAsked:
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I assume you are referring to a DYNAMIC parameter.

Crystal for the sake of speed in creating the list of values has a limit of 1000 values.  The limit is controlled by a registry entry.

What version of Crystal are you using.  The registry entry changes with each version.

Jeff SwimsAuthor Commented:
Crystal Reports 2011 (v.14)
Here is a link to the keys

CR 2011 steps extracted

To increase the maximum number of values available in a dynamic parameter list of values, set the registry key: MaxRowsetRecords, to a value greater than 1,000.
Open the Microsoft Registry Editor, and navigate to the path corresponding to the version of Crystal Reports used:

Crystal Reports 2011:
-  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SAP BusinessObjects\Suite XI 4.0\Crystal Reports\DatabaseOptions\LOV

Add the String value: MaxRowsetRecords
Set the value to a value large enough to get the full set of values.

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Jeff SwimsAuthor Commented:
Okay that may not be my problem, but I do have two questions….

1. When creating dynamic value list what is the part of the list with the arrows and filters, (please see attachment) it has a drop down selection of 1 - 5 to choose. Is there no parameter field value list without the filter and the drop down selection?

2. When creating dynamic value list can the user start to type in the field and it begins to display the value the user is looking for? Is that possible in Crystal Reports?
Q1- That is an attempt to make the list easier for the user.  Crystal will break a long list into parts.  For instance with names you might have A-C in one list and D-G etc.  If you use the right arrow the 1 turns to 2 and you can choose from the second list.

It is an attempt to make navigating a long list easier.

Q2 - You should be able to click the dropdown and start typing.  You may have to get the list sorted and then find the appropriate sublist for it to work.

Jeff SwimsAuthor Commented:
My problem I’m not seeing all the available values in the list. How do I get the list sorted to see the appropriate sublist?
It should sort itself but you should be able to do it when you create/edit the parameter.

Do you have more than 1000 values?

Jeff SwimsAuthor Commented:
Yes, over 2,000....
To get that many will require the registry change to say 3000


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