Datagredview row selection sortmode

My datagridview is: "DATAGRIDVIEW1" which has several Columns, but the columns in question are "LastName" and "VIN"

And I have several chunks of code that Gets me to letting customers enter FIND DATA and the code does take them to the correct row within the "DATAGRIDVIEW1"  but after that I would like to REORDER MY "ROWS ONLY" TO REFLECT THE DATA THEY HAVE INPUT???


If they select "LASTNAME" and  enter "SMITH"  I would like to reorder and show all the "SMITH'S" UNDER the row that they have selected.

Could anyone help me with the code
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MBHEY131Author Commented: and vs2012
It will have to be a custom sort

Example here
MBHEY131Author Commented:
ok - I've got the sort problem fixed - here is my next trouble - once I have gotten to the correct row and sorted correctly the Selected Row is not visible on the screen unless you use the sidebar and go and find it - not a huge issue but I would like the system to bring the selected row to the visible screen??? Could you help with that code??
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MBHEY131Author Commented:
OK moving along now - the code "cform.CustomersBindingSource.MoveNext()" solved the datagridview1 to move to the selected row on the screen correctly, however somehow now we are getting an extra row selected for some reason:
Here's the code:
       cform.DataGridView1.AllowUserToAddRows = False
        For Each row As DataGridViewRow In cform.DataGridView1.Rows
            If cform.DataGridView1.Rows(intcount).Cells(CellToLookIn).Value.ToString = CustText Then
                cform.DataGridView1.Rows(intcount).Selected = True
                FindCust = True
                Exit Function
            End If
            intcount = intcount + 1
        cform.DataGridView1.AllowUserToAddRows = True

Open in new window

the only thing I added was the "cform.CustomersBindingSource.MoveNext()" line ??
MBHEY131Author Commented:
could you give me an example and tell me where to insert the example in the code?
At the end of the sort, just set the firstdisplayedscrollingrowindex to the index of the selected row.

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