How to trigger a JOB on jenkins using a specific URL as Repository URL on Source Code Management?

Let me see if you understand me well.

We have  a job on jenkins configured with one Repository URL pointing to a fixed SVN repository URL. This JOB is executed when there're changes (commits, updates, ect) on the SVN reposotory. Everything is good.

But, now there're more than one developer creating new branches on the same repository. See image attached. What if developer of branch 8, wants to test its code by running the JOB on jenkins if he can not change Repository URL of the JOB inside jenkins?

Is there any way to trigger the JOB by changing its Repository URL wihout any manual intervention?

Is it possible?

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You have several options:
1) You may define several URLs in one Jenkins job and the job may check all of them for the change.
2) You may create several Jenkins jobs each one for its own branch and trigger your main job from all of them.
3) Jenkins add-ons support parameters passing to the Jenkins job so you could probably pass the branch URL to the job (I did not test this option).
4) The question also is whether to execute the "main" job for each branch... Shouldn't the main job wait for merge? The build from branch which is still under development (probably) should not affect others.

Of course, the right option depends on the job definition.

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CSIA ANAuthor Commented:

Can you explain me the option3)? Is it a plugin?

We'd like to kee only one JOB, so we need a way to pass jenkisn job the URL I want to test in my JOB. Thsi URL can be a branch or a trunk. If a developer create a new branch, this new URL needs to be send to JOB Jenkins. That's what we need. Just pass new URL to my JOB.

Yes, exactly. Just look at the list of available plugins and you may find e.g. this one:

Maybe not exactly what you need but there are many plugins which support parameters passing in Jenkins.
CSIA ANAuthor Commented:
thanks pcelba.. sorry the delay.. I'll be back soon..
CSIA ANAuthor Commented:
OK.. thanks
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