Need for dual processors?

I am procuring a server for an application and am looking at the possibility of reducing core count to save on exorbitant SQL licenses. The server architect specifies 2 x quad core 5620 @ 2.4Ghz, or 2 x 6-core Intel E5-2630 2.3 GHz Intel processors.

The server architect also indicates that; "If the overall processor clock speed (across all cores) in the substitute processor is the same or
       higher than the overall processor clock speed across the required number of cores, then the
      processor may be used. "

I am considering using a single 6 core E5-2643 @3.4Ghz. That would yield a  20.4Ghz overall clock speed compared to 19.2Ghz for the (discontinued) 5620 option.

Does anyone have a clear reason not to do this (ie any major performance issue dropping to a single processor?) If we do go with the 2 x E5-2630 option that  will require an extra $10K in SQL licenses.

To put this in perspective this is a hardware + revision upgrade of a system that currently peaks @ 50% processor using an old quad core E5430 @ 2.66Ghz.

Thanks for your help!
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
I would be inclined to ask the server seller if they would let you benchmark on the intended system to see if it is suitable as a target.
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
If a single E5430 peaks at 50% CPU and is capable of doing the job then a single E5-2643 will also be capable of doing the job. I'm no fan of passmark cpubench since there's no control of the underlying hardware (disks, RAM etc) but the difference between those two CPUs is so vast it's worth posting[]=2084&cmp[]=1234

SQL though loves RAM more than it loves CPU speed and compare what you can put on an E5430 (64GB) with what you can put on a single E5-2630 (384GB or more reasonably 192GB using 16GB DIMMs). The RAM's also much faster on the E5 (and on 5500/5600 series) not because of faster DIMMs but because the memory controller is in the CPU rather than in the northbridge.

Of course SQL loves disk speed even more but presumably your disk subsystem will be as fast if not faster than previously - you can ensure that by using SSDs nowadays.

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agradminAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the input.  Strangely the specified RAM requirement for the system we are upgrading is a mere 8Gb (following review of current system by design architect), so I'm going to increase to 32Gb simply because that feels more appropriate. The system is quite small and I suspect not heavily taxed.
I have already compared benchmarks and feel the E5-2643 outweighs some of the combined dual CPU options, I just want to ensure I am not missing something critical when selecting a single powerful CPU over lesser dual processors.

Just as an update, The company implementing the solution don't feel they are in a position to make a decision on this so are throwing back to the software manufacturer - I'll let you know how it goes.
agradminAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help - as suspected I don't see any cocrete reason why a single processor cannot be used. The vendor came back with an answer that there app needs 8 cores, so now I'm pushing a 1x E5-2640 (8 core) solution.
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