Searching for Additional SMTP Address

so i have an email email provided to me but when i search in ADUC or EMC i cant find the user who is using that email address. i had these problem before and it seems if its not the primary address i can search for it other then manually?
Jorge OcampoAsked:
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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
This should allow you to find it:

Get-Recipient -resultSize unlimited | select name -expand emailAddresses | where {$_.smtpAddress -match ""} | Format-Table name, smtpaddress

Then do

get-recipient name

(where name is the name returned by the result from the first command).

That will work well, You can also use a little free tool that does a whole lot for you. Its called AD Info Free.
If you run a query on All Users it will tell you everything about every user in your AD. You can choose the amount of detail you want.
Jorge OcampoAuthor Commented:
i ran the command and stilll get object X couldnt be found

i actually found it manually but would love to solve this issue next time not the manual way like a mention

the primary address was way different for example

i ran

Get-Recipient -resultSize unlimited | select name -expand emailAddresses | where {$_.smtpAddress -match ""} | Format-Table name, smtpaddress

returned nothing

i then ran get-recipient

returned object "" couldnt be found
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
The second bit


Wouldn't work, because the command is looking for a name, not an email address.

What you could have done is just

Get-Recipient -resultSize unlimited | select name -expand emailAddresses | Export-Csv -Path:"C:\dir\export.csv"

Then opened it in Excel and searched for the address.
I have just tested the command asking for an address that isn't primary and it found it. Watch the " " when copying from this site, as it can mangle them.


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