Manual Migration Done (Almost)


I got new MacBook and after several failed attempts migrating my data over from my old MacBook via Migration Assistant, i decided to migrate everything manually and re-install everything.

I know have everything set up (almost...)

01 - both of my laptops have 256gb hard drives... however my old MB only has 40gb of space left and my new one has 130gb of space left... how could this be, as i've copied over all of my files and installed all of the same apps (and same versions).

02 - my new MB is called 'Mark's MacBook Air 2' which is annoying... how can i get rid of the '2'

03 - last but not least, iTunes... i've copied over my Music folder but i have not launched iTunes on my new MB yet. Where do i need to copy the files to and what's the best way to set this up.

Thanks in advance to any help you can give.
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Leroy LuffHead of IT & DIgitalCommented:
There could be a number of reasons why the sizes differ.

Do you have extra profiles on the old Macbook?
Did you copy email folders under documents?
Did you look under the Mac drive itself if you have not stored files there.

To change name : Go to Preferences > Sharing > Here you can change your Mac name

Itunes : Simply open itunes connect your apple ID account and the hit file > Import. Point to where itunes library backup folder is. It will import all your albums etc
What part of the Migration failed?  You generally can copy or rsync user data.  Most apps can be copied as well.  A few very strictly licensed programs that put files into your system libraries require more effort and are generally much easier to install from scratch.  Some system files won't migrate if your hardware is too different.  Did you have "deleted" files in your Trash that you never emptied out and didn't copy over to your new system?

You can also use the Migration Assistant to select just the account and basically ensure all your user data is copied, including you app settings, iTunes, etc...

If that doesn't work, you can mount the older laptop as a target disk with a lightning cable.  Then open the and type the following on the command line:

sudo cp -pr "/Volumes/Macintosh HD-1/Users/ACCOUNT_NAME/ /Users/ACCOUNT_NAME
When mounted as a target disk, the disk is usually mounted under /Volumes/.  You current Macintosh HD is invisibly mounted under volumes also, so the target disk will be named Macintosh HD-1.

or, if you've already copied some files over and don't want to waste time duplicating some effort:
sudo rsync -a "/Volumes/Macintosh HD-1/Users/ACCOUNT_NAME/ /Users/ACCOUNT_NAME
This will only copy newer files.  Existing files will be skipped.

The lightning cable faster when you have SSDs, but you can also copy over the network file share.  The share name will be mounted under /Volumes/SHARE_NAME.

After you're done with the copying with cp, or rsync, you'll need to be sure the files are owned by the correct UID, since you could theoretically end up with a different UID.
sudo chown -r ACCOUNT_NAME /Users/ACCOUNT_NAME

For most people, changing the Mac name is Preferences-->Sharing works, but if you've ever joined a Domain, you may have to change 2 additional names via the command line, or you'll see that name show up in annoying places.

To see if those were set:
sudo scutil --get ComputerName
sudo scutil --get HostName
sudo scutil --get LocalHostName

To Set them:
sudo scutil --set ComputerName NEW_NAME
sudo scutil --set HostName NEW_NAME
sudo scutil --set LocalHostName NEW_NAME
It's not necessary to set all 3, so you may ignore them if it's not set.

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oo7mlAuthor Commented:
Thank you.
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