Making some areas large building all covered by WIFI

My they have one Comcast account that feeds coax to the guest rooms now for just basic TV.   I explained that this is not simple as the build is spread out and old with thick walls etc.  In order to do this correctly I assume that they need to run Ethernet cable from a central location near the Comcast interface in basement to each room and the lobby and open areas.  Then use multiple access points.  This would be fairly costly and I am dealing with a board of directors who think that hey we have Comcast in our own apartment and a Wi-Fi router and it was easy and cheap!

Any ideas how to do this reasonably priced. I can't think of any good ones.  They also need to to be mindless to maintain as no one there will be able to deal with it if there are problems.

I tried to tell them that the Marriot didn't just go to Best Buy and get a couple Linksys access points or routers!
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Zephyr ICTCloud ArchitectCommented:
Yes, cheap and good usually don't go together when it comes to network solutions, especially when it comes to decent WiFi solutions...

That being said, you'll definitely need to foresee cabling to certain key points and build up a mesh network for best results...
Now there's loads of solutions out there, one more expensive than the other, but seeing management isn't too interested in spending a lot, which they should reconsider if they want to be future proof, you might be interested in Ethernet over coax...

Zyxel, not a bad brand, has devices that can be connected to coax, I'm sure there's more brands out there that offer this, but it's a start.

I'll leave the fact if it's easy manageable in the middle, there's no central management interface where you can manage all the access points, so that means you'll have to manage all the AP's separately ... Not really handy, but beggars can't be choosers ...

A whole other system, that has a central management but doesn't provide coax connection is something like this.
to2007Author Commented:
my concern about Ethernet over coax is that we can't use the existing coax that goes from the Comcast interface/modem to rooms because that coax is providing TV and per Comcast you can't connect the TV coax to the cable modem.  THey say that is why they split the coax when coming into the building. One line to modem for internet and the other to TV feeds.  
So we would need to run cable regardless, coax or Ethernet to most of the rooms or at least to locations that could provide significant coverage.

At any rate to provide the coverage top this size of area in this building is I am sure in the thousands of dollars range for cabling, APs and central management and configuration.  Right?
Zephyr ICTCloud ArchitectCommented:
Definitely, the cabling alone will be a massive (depending on the size of the area naturally) undertaking if you want it done right, patching it all in a data room ... And a good WiFi setup will cost you equally yes, especially if you want an enterprise kind of solution, as in no individual APs. You could create a mesh network using routers from Mikrotik, a cheaper solution, but you'll need to, know how to do it, not plug and play... There's also Cisco Meraki or even Open Source central mesh management solutions that can make the whole endeavor cheaper ... But you won't get there for hundreds of dollars, that's for sure.

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