Running low on old Exchagne SErver 2003 drives

We have an old Exchange 2003 server with 20 users.  It is running out of disk space like down to nothing.  Someone in past moved a lot of files some of which broke System Manager.  We are working to setup new Exchange 2013 server and new Windows 2012 Domain controller to create entirely new network.    Have not done this so running into some questions and lack of knowledge.  

In the short run, this week, to make more space on old server, can we move various update cabinet files to another drive without screwing up the Exchange server and email?

I also know if we run eseutil  on the old priv1 databases we can get some space but we have to move the two files to an external drive and run from the server on it and then move them back.  It seems to stop after 10% with out of space message.  I thought that since we were running the eseutil on the files on another drive we should not have this issue.  I know if will be slow but should work.  Think we don't have the correct switches in the eseutil command line to make it do it on external drive that is connected.

The priv1.edb  is about 14GB and the priv1.stm is about 13.5GB  the  .stm file has been growing lately after being fairly stable for some time  not sure what is causing it.

Any suggestions on where to get help with new server setup for holes in our knowledge. Paying for help not an issue.

Lot of stuff here I know

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DeepinInfrastructure Engineer Commented:
What location are the Cab files in?

You will need to migrate to exchange 2007/2010 first before going to Exchange 2013
Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
does your server have the capacity for additional physical disks?
if so, i would add (even if only 2 drives) and move the exchange databases there

as mentioned, you can't go to exchange 2013 with an existing 2003 server
however, you are talking about an "entirely new network" - does that imply a new domain?
with only 20 users, you could do that and backup user mailboxes to a pst file then import

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to2007Author Commented:
The cab files I am wondering about are
Windows\driver cache\i386\
Windows\driver cache\i386\sp1,cab
Windows\driver cache\i386\

Also any others that can be located and deleted.

I am not sure that I can install another hard drive and configure it due to issues with the OS and the PowerEdge server itself.  Arai that it may screw up the existing databases  although  I do have an external USB drive attached with lots of space so I could dismount and copy databases there for backup.  Just don't want to mess up the OS and Exchange on the internal drives.       What is your opinion on moving the databases to the USB drive and actually running them from there?  Know it could be slow.  Not a lot of users though.
Also anyone have any info on how to properly run the eseutil  to offline defrag the databases I know that I can probably get a few GBs of space back and that will hold us until  we setup the new network and Exchange servers.  Yes a new domain will be used.   I copied the databases to the external drive and tried to run eseutil with switches that I thought would compress them on the external (yes slow) and leave the databases on the internal as is.  Got out of space error but I thought that there were switches that would essentially run the eseutil on the external and not need space on internal drive.
Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
what model server do you have and how many disks are in there now?
running it off a usb drive is not supported for performance and reliability reasons
you could try using the usb drive as a temp drive for the eseutil defrag though i would verify the amount of white space (event id 1221 in the application log) first since it may not do any good if there is little white space to remove
to2007Author Commented:
Thanks guys.  Ended up adding a drive and using it to compress the edb offline and got space for now.  Setting up separate new network and domain.  Then setp users on new domain and pull in the backed up PDF files for each. Small network,
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