Google Analytics codeplex SSIS error

Hi, I am hoping someone can help me see what the issue is. I have downloaded a SSIS add on from the codeplex website to work with my SQL SERVER 2008 SSIS ETL.
The idea being it would easily link to the Google analytics account I have setup and help connect my own servers to it. /
this has been working perfectly for over a year until the 27th of this month.
I made no changes to the ETL package it self.
There had been no changes to the google analytics account (until today when a password change was made which I was about to update my ETL packages with and noticed I could not without getting an error)

Now when I click on the SSIS add on and enter in the username and password and click test or log in I get the following errors:
Clicking test - "connection could not be established"
Clicking login - " the report server returned an error (404) not found SSIS 2008 connection using google analytics source " by the way that is only part of the error.

When I checked the SQL SERVER agent jobs for the history of the error I get this message:

Executed as user: SERVERS\SQLServerAgent. Microsoft (R) SQL Server Execute Package Utility  Version 10.50.1600.1 for 64-bit  Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation 2010. All rights reserved.    Started:  9:00:00 AM  Error: 2015-05-29 09:00:06.90     Code: 0x00000000     Source: Session measures from Google Analytics SSIS GoogleAnalyticsSource     Description: Google.GData.Client.GDataRequestException: Execution of authentication request returned unexpected result: 404     at Google.GData.Client.Utilities.getAuthException(TokenCollection tokens, HttpWebResponse response)     at Google.GData.Client.Utilities.QueryClientLoginToken(GDataCredentials gc, String serviceName, String applicationName, Boolean fUseKeepAlive, IWebProxy proxyServer, Uri clientLoginHandler)     at Google.GData.Client.GDataGAuthRequest.QueryAuthToken(GDataCredentials gc)     at Google.GData.Client.GDataGAuthRequest.EnsureCredentials()     at Google.GData.Client.GDataRequest.EnsureWebRequest()     at Google.GData.Client.GDataGAuthRequest.EnsureWebRequest()     at Google.GData.Client.GDataRequest.Execute()     at Google.GData.Client.GDataGAuthRequest.Execute(Int32 retryCounter)     at Google.GData.Client.GDataGAuthRequest.Execute()     at Google.GData.Client.Service.Query(Uri queryUri, DateTime ifModifiedSince, String etag, Int64& contentLength)     at Google.GData.Client.Service.Query(Uri queryUri, DateTime ifModifiedSince)     at Google.GData.Client.Service.Query(FeedQuery feedQuery)     at Google.GData.Analytics.AnalyticsService.Query(DataQuery feedQuery)     at SSISComponents.GoogleAnalyticsSource.PrimeOutput(Int32 outputs, Int32[] outputIDs, PipelineBuffer[] buffers)  End Error  DTExec: The package execution returned DTSER_FAILURE (1).  Started:  9:00:00 AM  Finished: 9:00:06 AM  Elapsed:  6.594 seconds.  The package execution failed.  The step failed.

Could anyone help me as to what or where this error is coming form.
This is the site I downloaded the codeplex ssis add on :

THank you,
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Rainer JeschorCommented:
it seems that Google has changed some URLs as the 404 indicates that a web page cannot be found.
I would have to have a look into the Codeplex solution - which might take 1-2 days.

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PutochAuthor Commented:
I never got to figure out what the issue was with this.
PutochAuthor Commented:
thank you for the advice, the url is still the same, its odd that it won't accept the parameters it is receiving all of a sudden. thanks for the help.
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