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oracle intranet page is not opening with proxy even though it is configured as intranet site , it happened suddenly and for some users sometimes , there are so many users working properly with proxy . if we delete AD user profile on computer and reconfigure , it will work . But that is not the exact solution . (it is oracle financials intranet site)
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Walter RitzelSenior Software Engineer

Ok, so you dont have provided much information.
My first shot on the problem would be a desktop configuration issue, as you may have said that a few users are having the issue, while the majority of others dont. Anyway, unless you have changed something on your intranet configuration (weblogic configuration, or deployed a new version, or patched the current version), I dont see why this would be an oracle intranet issue.
I also suspect this of more a local issue. As you gave stated "it happened suddenly and for some users sometimes"

How are users logging in? Do you use single sign on? If yes then sync up across applications can be one reason for problem..!!

If not user/local issue then what is the error you have encountered..??


if we remove user profile and recreate user profile , problem will fix ....but that is not the exact solution
Senior Software Engineer
Well, it is not the exact solution, but certainly is not a problem with Oracle Intranet. It is a problem on your network, not on the system. The Intranet not work is a consequence, not a root cause.

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