English IELTS : Best sites to build vocabulary for IELTS exam

I would like to prepare for IELTS.

Is there any paid/free site where we can get vocabulary&usage in n videos/MP4 format , So that we can learn easily

please advice
mac_gAdmin - Oracle Fusion Middleware suiteAsked:
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
By IELTS are you referring to the International English Language Testing System or Internet Explorer Long Term Study? How would you rate your communication skills, reading, writing, conversation in your native language? Any idea of the number of words that you understand?  Your vocabulary range is important. What level of testing are you interested in? Basic, Professional, Academic?
mac_gAdmin - Oracle Fusion Middleware suiteAuthor Commented:
i am referring to IELTS = the International English Language Testing System.

 you can judge level of proficiency from the question posted explaining my requirement.

please advice further
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
no I can't determine what your requirements are since there are several different levels of testing. Each level of testing has the reading/writing/comprehension/and verbal tests.

Viewing a video doesn't teach you the reading / writing, vocabulary skills. nor does it allow you to hold a conversation for the verbal part of the test.
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mac_gAdmin - Oracle Fusion Middleware suiteAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your reply..

I know IELTS required different levels of testing - reading/writing/comprehension, which i have been practicing.

further, I would like to improve vocabulary which can help further polish my English and also understanding complex literature.

I am asking specific help, Not sure, beyond this How can I explain you better my requirement.
The same I have explained at the outset in this thread.
Many years ago I wanted to take that test, but I did not know if that is better than Toefel. I bought a book with a CD specific for Toefel. I realized that no matter what test is it, the learning resumes to reading and listening, but no interactivity and somebody to correct you. Then somebody recommended me Rosetta Stone, which has the interactivity. I only tried it, but never really used it for long term.
Later I had to learn German from ground level, which I find lots more complicated than English. I had the chance to go to a real course, so people can hear and correct me.
I am convinced that a real course, interacting with people is better for a new language more than any other video, audio or book. Of course for preparation is important to have these materials as guide and to enhance the vocabulary, using a good dictionary not only native-to-English, but also English to English.
Here are some resources for IELTS to prepare yourself:
Maybe a small investment in a vocabulary guide tailored to IELTS.

Vocabulary guide to help you to improve your vocabulary for the IELTS test. Compares the different types of vocabulary needed for each part of the test. You will be able to listen to IELTS students try different techniques for learning new vocabulary and hear the teacher's. The guide is useful to develop English vocabulary.

Roughly the cost in dollars is about $5.00 (?)


This one on Ebay is slightly higher.

This one slightly lower than the Wyatt book:

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Good luck on your exam.
tess kerrCommented:
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