ReadyNAS 516 getting Err used disk message

I have a friend who has this Ready Nas with 4-4gb drives in a raid config. Seems the device will not boot up now, getting a Used disk error. He tried reinstalling the Os for it, still the same. Netgear wasn't much help on it. He's trying to retrieve his data.

I told him to take the 4 drives out and put a new drive in and load the OS to see if it boots or not. At least this will show if the hardware is fine or now.

I'm not sure if maybe he lost a drive or it's went bad and that's where the OS is being installed on, and that's why it will not boot.

Any thoughts with this as I never touch one of these before?

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andreasSystem AdminCommented:
At first, do not try to install OS on the existing disks it the worst case it might destroy all his data.

Next: Which RAID level did he used? As on that it depends on how to try to recover.
rdefinoAuthor Commented:
I have the system in front of me. The display on it say used disk check RAIDar.

I installed the Raidar on my laptop and it find the unit but tells me to format the disks. I don't want to do that?

How do I find the raid level it's at?
andreasSystem AdminCommented:
Does the thing has a web interface? If yes try to login and see what you can get.

If web-interface isnt working, then it seems the firmware of the device is not working properly, most NAS store most of the firmware on the HDDs itself so it could be a HDD problem.

Take out all HDDs one by one and read out the SMART values.
Post them here for all 4 disks so we can see whats happening to the disks.

Furthermore you should organize a lot of storage, you will need it for recovery.
You need at least 20TB, as you need to make 4 images of 4 4TB disks, that sums up to 16TB and the nyou need some space to where to save recovered files.

For detecting RAID-Level and recovery you can use NAS Recovery From Runtime Software

They also have other RIAD reconstruction software you also could check if they apply to your case.

If you are not wiling to invest so much storage for the images you can try to work on the NAS disks itself, but one mistake you make and all data is destroyed forever, without a second chance.
If you work on images, you can reimage and try again.

If pulling images from the disk is difficult as the hardware seems failing you need 2 copies of the images, one good copy for saftey and one working copy, makes 32TB then, just for staring the RAW data to try recovery with.
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rdefinoAuthor Commented:
How do I  read out the SMART values?  What will that tell us?
andreasSystem AdminCommented:
What smart is and what we can learn from i tcan be found here:

You can get the smart values in different ways:

1st. If the web interface of the NAS is still working try this, it would be the most easy way.
2nd. remove disk from NAS connect it to an internal SATA-Port of a PC and to power supply of PC and then install a tool to read smart values. (like speedfan)
3rd. Remove disk from NAS connect to PC via internal SATA-Port+Power then boot a live Linux CD/DVD and use smartctl -a /dev/sdX where x needs to be replaced with the letter representing your NAS drive. The letter is not related to drive letters in windows. To get an overview of visible drives you can run fdisk -l. it will list all hdds and partitions also shows total capacity of the drives, this way you should be able to find out which is the NAS drive.

then repeat this with the other 3 disks. and post the output of the smart values here.
rdefinoAuthor Commented:
I'll be pulling these values today and posting them.
rdefinoAuthor Commented:
Fix was having Netgear support copy the partition table from the good drives to the failed drives. Raid is back up.

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rdefinoAuthor Commented:
Provided solutions didn't help. Needed to have manufacture support fix the issue.
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