Biometric Fingerprint Reader for Multiple Verification


Using WinBio Framework, I have figured out how to set up an Egistec ES603 biometric fingerprint reader to store fingerprints of an individual and verify it.

I would like, however, to be able to use it to store fingerprints of several employees and verify it by identifying which of the employees swiped their fingers on the scanner at a later time.

Right now it only saves information of one employee, and whenever I try to create another employee's profile I keep getting the error 0x8009801c : The specified identity and sub-factor are already enrolled in the database.

Is there a way I can achieve this: to create a databases of multiple employees fingerprints and identify them with the scanner?

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1) windows will not record fingerprints at login:
Windows password is not matched against whole AD and apparent other user registered

2) Fingerprint scanners now have 1/10000 miss rate, on par with bank card pin code, so for each user you must match against same PIN

3) Windows and AD do not support multi-factor authentication

4) There have been prominent demonstrations of fundamental weaknesses in fingerprint technology ranging from tricking fingerprint reader with damp rag to minister's fingerprint being recovered from publicity photo

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btanExec ConsultantCommented:
not savvy of the WinBio coding but its libraries has hints to support database instead of current user login, see
"Storage Adapter" - There is a mention of "StorageAdapterCreateDatabase"
// StorageAdapterCreateDatabase
// Purpose:
//      Creates and configures a new database.
// Parameters:
//      Pipeline          - Pointer to a WINBIO_PIPELINE structure associated with
//                          the biometric unit performing the operation.
//      DatabaseId        - Pointer to a GUID that uniquely identifies the database.
//      Factor            - A WINBIO_BIOMETRIC_TYPE value that specifies the type
//                          of the biometric factor stored in the database.
//      Format            - Pointer to a GUID that specifies the vendor-defined format
//                          of the data
//      FilePath          - Pointer to the database file path.
//      ConnectString     - Pointer to the database connection string.
//      IndexElementCount - Number of elements in the index vector.
//      InitialSize       - Beginning size of the database, in bytes.
and possibility is the "Creating an Engine Adapter" but looking at the reference, it seems quite a hard core effort to manage the template and overriding some of the function selectively, not easy and viable feat if we started new.

Not much has published this and I believe you can see this already from your "asking" around in other forum (so far)..
hmamboAuthor Commented:
Thanks, that is a good pointer.

In the meantime, I went for a branded fingerprint scanner that came with an SDK, was more expensive, but easier option.

Thanks for all the effort!
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btanExec ConsultantCommented:
Thanks for sharing, indeed those mentioned API interface is not worth as that is unlikely you core focus to deliver the front services and at the same time to maintain that. The new SDK though costly but will saved you the time for integration and focus more on servicing the user req.

Just to add some thoughts in securing database.
a) Store should avoid flat file based as it is not going to scale well in long run
b) Ensure the db connection string (or equv) are not store in plain in codes or stored in a flat config file with plaintext login credential (better have the password be salted and hashed text etc).
c) Assure SDK security function can address recovery and secure erasure of those bio metadata.
d) Remove (or disable) all unnecessary and/or default inbuilt account and services (port etc)

Overall, any breach of these data is not going to goes well with user if the machine is lost or not protected (ie file/disk encrypted etc) stay secure by default and verify the codes using security static code if poss (and of course within the budget catered ...)
hmamboAuthor Commented:
Great advice.
I for sure will want to try this one day. Doing this way is tiring but it gives the flexibility of using any type of scanner!
Thanks a lot, btan. I will give some feedback once I try it.
btanExec ConsultantCommented:
Thanks for sharing
btanExec ConsultantCommented:
Hi all,

I suggest hmambo accept his inputs ID: 40831757 as he already answered himself to his own query - It is possible and can be viable for such storing template in DB however the approach may be complicated and not worth, this requires further consideration in future. Henceforth, accept equally all 3 comments that assisted i.e. gheist (ID: 40828630) and btan (ID: 40828722 and ID: 40830022). For consideration, please.
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