nested select statement/join statement...

Hello, I have 3 tables as shown below:


ProdName    ProdId    Desc
table               t1             Table
chair               c1             Chair
stool               s1             Stool
bed                 b1             bed


prodId   ven1                       ven2                    ven3                    ven4
t1                  100                        110                      120                       125
c1                  100                        115                      128                       123
s1                  100                        110                      120                       125
b1                  100                        119                    123                       128


VendorName      vendorId
vendor_1               ven1
vendor_2               ven2
vendor_3               ven3
vendor_4               ven4

I am trying to get the product pricing based on the vendor, for e.g.:

select p.prodName, p.ProdID, p.Desc, c.(select vendorId from from vendor where vendorName="vendor_1) from
product d, pricing c where p.prodId = c.prodId.

Looks I am doing something wrong here, can someone help me how to re-write this query.

Thank you,
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dsackerContract ERP Admin/ConsultantCommented:
This code will work, but please read further explanation below this code:
SELECT  p.prodName,
        v1.VendorName AS Vendor1,
        c.ven1        AS VendPrice1,
        v2.VendorName AS Vendor2,
        c.ven2        AS VendPrice2,
        v3.VendorName AS Vendor3,
        c.ven3        AS VendPrice3,
        v4.VendorName AS Vendor4,
        c.ven4        AS VendPrice4
FROM    product p
INNER JOIN pricing c ON c.prodId = p.ProdId
INNER JOIN vendor v1 ON v1.VendorId = 'ven1'
INNER JOIN vendor v2 ON v1.VendorId = 'ven2'
INNER JOIN vendor v3 ON v1.VendorId = 'ven3'
INNER JOIN vendor v4 ON v1.VendorId = 'ven4'

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The pricing table should not columns explicitly named as vendor ID's. You would have far more flexibility if it were designed simply as follows:
prodId   venorId    price
t1       ven1       100
t1       ven2       110
t1       ven3       120
t1       ven4       125
c1       ven1       100
c1       ven2       115
c1       ven3       128
c1       ven4       123
s1       ven1       100
s1       ven2       110
s1       ven3       120
s1       ven4       125
b1       ven1       100
b1       ven2       119
b1       ven3       123
b1       ven4       128

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That way you are not restricting your vendors by having columns hard-coded to them. If you add more vendors in your vendor table, you can simply marry the vendor and product to this pricing table by the vendor and product IDs.

If you have it in your control to change this table, and you would like to see a revised query that works with this design, please let me know.

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