Citrix Receiver error: "A fatal error occurred. Would you like to restart Citrix Receiver?"


In a domain with hundreds of deployed Win7 boxes with the current Citrix Receiver (v14.2.100.14) we have a small handful of machines that throw the error, "A fatal error occurred. Would you like to restart Citrix Receiver?"

Clicking Yes causes the same error to pop up. Clicking No closes the notification window, and Citrix works ok. Another error my throw within seconds, minutes, or may not show up again for days.

Under Citrix Receiver | About | Advanced | the "Reset Receiver" option did not seem to help.

Ultimately, it doesn't seem like the issue is stopping users from connecting to our Citrix environment via web browser, but something appears wrong and the users are not happy with the sometimes constant errors.

Checking the Application Event Log, Event ID 1 appears. Here is some of the description:

Self-service Plug-in exited unexpectedly. Exception was Object reference not set to an instance of an object.    at Dazzle.AppMonitor.Control.Controller.UnhookAuthManagerWindowEvents()

Receiver has been uninstalled, followed by use of the 2014 version of the Receiver Cleaner Utility, with a manual search-and-destroy for registry entries and program files tossed in for good measure.

Google searches on this seem to point to the steps followed above or corrections in coding, but nothing useful for troubleshooting at the client (desktop) end.

Does anyone have familiarity with this?


- Joel
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Sekar ChinnakannuStaff EngineerCommented:
Try to upgrade the citrix receiver to to v4.2.  some tiem citrix cleanup tool doesn't work all that well.  Its better to do search with find to "CITRIX" then delete all citrix related entries and reboot.  Once done install the same and check.
Brian CTXSupportCitrix ConsultantCommented:
v14.2.100.14 IS Receiver 4.2.

What version of .NET installed on the machines having the issue?
BeallsDesktopTeamAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the input!

Sekar, I've gone through the Registry and ensured that the Cleanup Tool got all the entries that Citrix recommended removing in the manual uninstall section, but I think the aggressive "search and destroy" tactic on all Citrix keys is a good next step.

Brian, looking at the one machine I have immediately available, I see it's on .NET Framework 4.5.2. For unrelated reasons, we ran the Netfx_SetupVerifier tool against the machine last week and it passed with flying colors. Other .NET-dependent packages seem to be running ok, so I'm assuming .NET is stable on this machine. What are your thoughts?

FWIW: Perhaps by coincidence, each machine that has this issue is a 32-bit O/S. Also, moving to v14.2.0.10 seems to be when the problems developed, and throwing v14.2.100.14 didn't seem to help (I was hoping!)
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Brian CTXSupportCitrix ConsultantCommented:
I was just curious more than anything.  I've seen similar errors with applications when attempting to virtualize them and the .NET dependencies were not present, but that is by no means a scientific assessment.  If you have a machine available, you might try .NET 4.5.1.  I'd keep an eye on the OS version and see if that 32-bit trend continues....that could be relevant.
BeallsDesktopTeamAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Brian. Will try the .NET rollback and see what happens...
Brian CTXSupportCitrix ConsultantCommented:
I saw this today and thought it was interesting:

".NET Framework requirements

    .NET 3.5 Service Pack 1 is required by the Self-Service Plug-in, which allows users to subscribe to and launch desktops and applications from the Receiver window or from a command line. For more information, see Configure and install Receiver for Windows using command-line parameters.
    The .NET 2.0 Service Pack 1 and Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package are required to ensure that the Receiver icon displays correctly. The Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 package is included with .NET 2.0 Service Pack 1, .NET 3.5, and .NET 3.5 Service Pack 1; it is also available separately.
    For XenDesktop connections: To use the Desktop Viewer, .NET 2.0 Service Pack 1 or later is required. This version is required because, if Internet access is not available, certificate revocation checks slow down connection startup times. The checks can be turned off and startup times improved with this version of the Framework but not with .NET 2.0."

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BeallsDesktopTeamAuthor Commented:
The newer Win7/64 deploys commonly go into service without the older .NET in place, but the C++ 2005 SP1 runtime is found on both platforms. Our company uses software that requires the runtime, both 32-bit machines and 64-bit machines get v6.00.2900.2180.

Sounds like it's worth throwing the .NET kitchen sink at a machine and see if the issue clears up. Thanks for the info. :)
BeallsDesktopTeamAuthor Commented:
None of the suggestions resolved the issue, but I think they are sound places to start from. We'll be replacing the 32-bit deployments soon, so the problem will hopefully go away (as it has not been seen on the 64-bit O/S.) Thanks to all for their help. :)
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