Can't Save or Close file

I am running Windows 7 Ultimate on a PC. I have an Excel file open but most of the buttons on the different banners at the top are disabled including, in particular, Save, Save As, and Close. It is acting as though a dialog box relative to the file were open but I have searched for a dialog box and none is apparent.

This is happened before and the only way out has been to reboot or close the application with the Task Manager. I really need to save it.

What can I do?
John FistereEngineer, retiredAsked:
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When you open the file does it have a button on top middle indicating "Allow Editing?" or something like that?
You could also try copying the file to a new file and name to see if that helps.
RayData AnalystCommented:
You've probably already handled this, but did try clicking on the active Excel application then pressing the "ESC" key a few times?  If it is waiting on something, this should cancel it.
John FistereEngineer, retiredAuthor Commented:
I created the file so the "Allow Editing" message does not apply nor appear. I thought you had thought of an obvious wonderful solution, but alas, the new file I created has the same problem, that is, most of the buttons are deactivated. Now I am sitting with two files I cannot Save!

Yes I have tried the ESC key.
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Can you create a new file, save it and re-open it? Does this condition persist for other files?
If not, can you open the file, select all the contents and paste it into a new file?
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
There probably is a macro running that runs on load that is stopping those functions
JFistere --
Those commands should be available by clicking on File in the Excel Menubar.
John FistereEngineer, retiredAuthor Commented:
When I create a new file it has the same problem. Rebooting solves the problem, at least temporarily, but then I have lost my file.

If it is a macro, how do I find it stop it? The macro keys are inactive. And the problem exists for a brand-new empty file.

I agree. Those commands should be available, but in this case they are inactive.
if you have the input data - i suppose you'll need to close the files without saving, and input the data again
if not, take pictures, or screenshots of what you need first
John FistereEngineer, retiredAuthor Commented:
Fortunately, I was able to print it, and it's only a one page spreadsheet. But I would like to solve the problem, because it has occurred before.
Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
Can you get to the File > Options window?

The Save option on the right hand side shows the default locations for Recovery etc. There is also an option at the end of the Advanced section with text "Atstartup, open all files in:" and there is then an input box for file locations. If this is populated check this location for *.xlsm files. There could be one which is opening and on open disabling the Save functions.

Rob H
If you try to copy the data and paste it into another spreadsheet, use "Paste Special" and choose only "Values".
the only things that come to my mind are : repairing the OS, or the EXCEL
you can repair the office programs from the add/remove programs
repairing the os can be done by running sfc :

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John FistereEngineer, retiredAuthor Commented:
I had never heard of "sfc" before but I ran it using the link you gave and it produced lots of "can't repair file" messages, but when I checked the humongous log, it appeared that there were many repairs that were made. For the moment, I don't have the problem anymore (but it's not repeatable anyway), so we will see.

What I didn't notice is a speed up in general computer operation, so there has been an improvement in that area, which I didn't expect. Thanks.

I didn't try your other solution, that of repairing Excel, but if I do have the problem again I will try that.
John FistereEngineer, retiredAuthor Commented:
By the way, thanks to all of you who tried to help. I really appreciate it.

tx for the feedback John
as for the "can't repair file" messages" - run sfc again; in some cases this clears up lots of them, and it does not hurt
John FistereEngineer, retiredAuthor Commented:
nobus - I did run it twice and it behaved about the same.
that's why i said "in some cases"
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