removing a space or spaces within a value

I have some part numbers that I would like to add a space within them.
I would like to only add a space within a part number that starts out with a 'LS' or a 'QM'.

So if I have a part number = 'LS18022', I would like to add a space after the 'LS' like 'LS 18022'.
Same thing for the 'QM', 'QM 83212'

So if the part number starts out with a LS or QM add a space within it.

Trying to use regexp_like or regexp_replace or any other solution.

I can use this to remove the space, just need to figure out how to add a space back in.
select trim(regexp_replace('LS 18022','(LS )(\d)' ,'LS\2')) from dual;

This is using Oracle 11g.

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MachinegunnerAuthor Commented:
please close question, I figured it out...
This works below..

select trim(regexp_replace('LS18022','(LS)(\d)' ,'LS \2')) from dual;
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
You can accept your own post or request this be deleted yourself.

That said, regular expression statements are an expensive operation.  You can get what you asked for without them:
with mydata as (
select 'LS18022' col1 from dual
union all
select 'QM18022' from dual
union all
select 'Hello' from dual
select case when col1 like 'LS%' or col1 like 'QM%' then substr(col1,1,2) || ' ' || substr(col1,3) else col1 end
from mydata

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will LS or QM be found anywhere in the middle of the string?  If not, a couple of simple replace calls could do efficiently.

replace(replace(yourcolumn,'LS','LS '),'QM','QM ')

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