Best design to replace literals in peoplecode and sql objects to be used by more then one organization?

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Request is for a design solution that can be applied to a number of processes.

A Business organization want to use another organization's processes to run their institution. The latter's processes have unique literals specific to the organization.  The programmer is being asked to do a mass retrofit of all object's containing literals specific to the one's organizations.

For those with PeopleSoft experience -- the objects below will be familiar to you.

First part of the plan:  Find the literal
1. SQR Objects (like database scripts) -- use perl to extract the literal references in batch
2. Component Interfaces - use component interface to access fields stored on pages or in events (not sure about app packages but we don't have many of the latter)
3. App Engines - use the PeopleSoft metasql to search out the literal

Second part: Replace with a variable
1. sqr programs --- I could use a LOAD LOOKUP
2. Component Interface --- need to understand a bit more
3. App Engine programs -- Update sql steps  -- need to examine more.

Third Part: Reference the variable that contains the literal >>>>>>Stuk at the moment <<<<<<<<.  What would be the most efficient way of accessing this.
ie Run Control page where you populate each time???? Reference Table.

Note : The organization will have there own separate database but use the same 'retrofitted' programs.  

This is just some of the brainstorming I am beginning to do.  Any ideas will be appreciated.  I will probably extend this with many questions to reward great answers until I have a working plan.  Of course I will continue to think about my solution.

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>Reference the variable that contains the literal >>>>>>Stuk at the moment <<<<<<<<.
>ie Run Control page where you populate each time???? Reference Table.
Eyeballeth thy article on Table Based Access Variables.  It is not written for PeopleSoft, so scroll past all of the code and everything Access-specific or your eyes will glaze over.  

Glean the methodology of using a table to fn_get and fn_set variables, then
Instead of the single column primary key id, to apply to your situation have a two-column primary key id and company_id.   Then you can always populate based on fn_get({the variable 'id' you need'}, {the company id})

Good luck.

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