microsoft dns issues active directory integrated primary vs standard primary

a quick background on the setup-
multiple offices around the globe, 2 DNS servers (DC's) at each site.
office 1 has 2 DC's
office 2 has 2 DC's
office 3 has 2 DC's

prior to today, we had some Standard Primary zones on our DNS servers at OFFICE 1 and OFFICE 2 that would redirect traffic for yahoo messages to our archiving company
yesterday, the OFFICE 3 did the same thing, but instead of setting these up as Standard Primary Zones, they set them up at Active Directory-Integrated Primary zones, so now OFFICE 1 and 2 are being redirected to the wrong host.
is there anything we can do without OFFICE 3's input that would allow us to use the standard primary zone at OFFICE 1 and 2, instead of the active directory integrated primary zone that OFFICE 3 created?
or, would i have to have OFFICE 3 set this up as a standard primary for their sites?

i know we can edit hosts files, but there are way too many users to do this for.
jsctechyInfrastructure Team LeadAsked:
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Peter HutchisonSenior Network Systems SpecialistCommented:
It may be possible to uninstall DNS server role on Office 3 and re-install it as a Standard Primary zone.
See Server Manager, Roles, Remove Role etc.

Also, if using DHCP servers, you can configure the Scope Options to look at specific DNS servers for the client PCs.
jsctechyInfrastructure Team LeadAuthor Commented:
not looking to remove any DNS servers
if a user in office 1 is trying to access i want him to use the local DNS servers in office 1
if a user in office 3 is trying to access i want him to use the local DNS servers in office 3

the problem is the address for these zones is different should point to for users in office 1 should point to for users in office 3

if i create a standard primary zone in office 1 for, that will work
but it seems the active directory primary zones that office 3 created are taking precedence

is there any way to make sure that office 1 is always using the standard primary zones that reside on their local DNS servers if office 1, instead of the active directory integrated zones?
DrDave242Senior Support EngineerCommented:
I'm assuming these zones are standard primary because they need to have the same name but contain different records at each site. If that's the case, the only way I can think to make it work is to change the AD-integrated zone at Office 3 to standard primary and make sure it's not replicating (via zone transfer) to the other sites. If it's AD-integrated, it's automatically going to replicate to the other DCs, which will cause a conflict with the other zones of the same name, and it sounds like the AD-integrated zone is taking precedence over the standard primary zones, which is exactly what you don't want. (There should be one or more errors in the DNS event logs of the Office 1 and 2 DCs detailing this conflict.)

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jsctechyInfrastructure Team LeadAuthor Commented:
hey DrDave, thats what i figured as well.
you arent aware of any way to block the replication to the DNS servers of office 1 and 2 though, right?
seems the zones were overwritten instead of duplicate copies made.

looking to do this with the least amount of involvement from office 3
DrDave242Senior Support EngineerCommented:
I can only think of one way to control replication of an AD-integrated zone: create an application directory partition, configure that partition to replicate only to certain DCs, and store the zone in that partition...but that's a lot more complicated than just creating a standard primary zone, and I don't think it could be done without involvement from Office 3.
One thing I can't be sure of is whether the file for the standard primary is still present on the DCs at Office 1 and 2 (check C:\Windows\System32\dns).  You're going to have to delete the AD-integrated zone (and that will replicate out to the other DCs), then you will have to recreate the standard primary zones at each Office.
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