WMI Status - RPC Server Unavailable

Hi -

We are using the MS Assessment and Planning Toolkit  in order to determine the how ready we are for Office 365.  When I run the assessment tool it traverses our networking using Activity Directory as a guide.  About a dozen machines come back (some XP, Win 7, Win 8) with a full inventory of the machine.  The problem is that the inventory is not collected on the other 100+ machines.   Messages like "Failed - RPC Server Unavailable" or "Failed - Connection time out" are returned under WMI Status for all of the machines where the inventory failed. I cannot find a reason why it would work on a dozen machines and not work on the others.  All of the machines are in AD and are in the same OU.   Symantec Endpoint Protection is running on all of the machines using the same settings on all the machines.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
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You might look at:
Are these computers in a different VLAN.
Is there are firewall blocking the connection.
Are the computers correctly registered in DNS.
Does the user account that runs the tool has the necessary (probably Administrator) permissions on all computers.
WMI is using port 135/TCP and the TCP high ports, you might do a port query on port 135 to these computers.
An easy way to do this is by using a telnet client (Windows feature).
From a command prompt (cmd.exe):
start telnet <ip-address or hostname> 135
If you can successfully connect to the computer the telnet session should stay.
If you can't connect it will give the message "Connecting To...."
swentwo1Author Commented:
The computers are not in different VLANs.
Symantec Endpoint Protection acts as our firewall on all computers.  Windows Fire Wall is not enabled.
I am using the network admin account for running the tool.

When I used the command

start telnet <ip-address> 135

a blank telnet window appears with a flashing cursor.  When I type the cursor moves, but I cannot see the text I am typing.  

Is this what I should be seeing?  How do I open port 135?
swentwo1Author Commented:
The computers are correctly registered in DNS.
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About telnet. Yes that's indeed what you should see and this indicates that you can connect to port 135/TCP of the destination computer. So this is ok.
What do you mean exactly with "How do I open port 135?". Port 135 is automatically opened by a Windows service.
Do you maybe use a corporate firewall within your network ?
Thanks for checking DNS registration.
swentwo1Author Commented:
We use a Sonic Wall Fire Wall between us and the outside world.   The assessment tool is using Activity Directory to guide it, so I would think there would be no reason for any of the traffic that that is created by the assessment tool would leave our internal network.  I am running the MS Assessment and Planning Toolkit from my desktop computer.
swentwo1Author Commented:
I was able to run a WBEMTEST on my personal computer, but when I tried it on any other computer it did not connect to the other computer.   It even failed on the computers that I successfully ran MS Assessment and Planning Toolkit on.
That's kind of strange. To verify that you at least can connect and run a WMI query against the remote computers.
Can you run the following PowerShell command to test the WMI connection.
Start a PowerShell (powershell.exe) and then execute the following command.
Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_Service -Impersonation 3 -Filter "Name='Winmgmt'" -ComputerName <hostname>

Open in new window

Please replace <hostname> with the correct computername.
You should get some info back like:
ExitCode  : 0
Name      : Winmgmt
ProcessId : 836
StartMode : Auto
State     : Running
Status    : OK

Open in new window

If the connection fails then you could try to temporary disable the firewall on the remote computer and then test again. You could also try to temporary disable the firewall on the computer where you run the command from.

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swentwo1Author Commented:
The WMI query against the computers was successful.   A change in group policy to allow remote access allowed the Assessment tool to finally collect the needed data.

Thanks for the great troubleshooting methods.
Good to hear that you found the solution.
Thanks very much for the grade.
Swentwo1 wrote - "A change in group policy to allow remote access allowed the Assessment tool to finally collect the needed data."

I wish he had given some details about the GPO used for remote access. Thanks.
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