add two or more physical disk to xenserver

I have a machine with xenserver. I add 5 physical disks with 2000GB each, in this machine. I made raid 5 with four disks and the other one I kept to install the xenserver SO.
The four disks with raid I will use them as "storage" backup, so I use fdisk -l to see them on and create volume with everyone of them with pvcreate, them I extended them with vgextend to make them to be a volume with 6000GB each.
With vgs command  I can see the new volume with 6000GB as wished.
Them a tried to create the new storage making:  xe sr-create type=lvm content-type=user device-config:device=/dev/sdb name-label=”LOCAL SR”, but as I thougth the new storage it only 2000GB because of the sdb disk.
I want a way to joining all the disk as one. and them use xe sr-create to make the xenserver see all the disk as only one with 6000GB.
How can I do that?
I use xencenter as a interface manager to create vms, and so on.,.
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Are these configured as RAID on a hardware or software level?

It seems that you've got it configured as a software raid-5, which is likely why you're running into this issue.  You need a Hardware RAID Controller for this to work how you're wanting.

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if you do not have a hardware raid controller you can use the md driver & mdadmin to set it up.
iguimarfernandesAuthor Commented:
Unrealized92 It´s a software raid. It´s a lab enviroment. I am trying to understand xenserver among other things. What are the steps to do what I I  want without having a controler?. How can I have four disk whithout raid, lets say I am going giving up to use raid. to be as one disk with 6TB to xensever, is that possible or not?
And dlethe how can I use md drive, mdadmin ? I never worked or heard about them, I don´t have any ideia how it Works?
DavidPresidentCommented: is one of many links.

Software RAID is quite viable, especially RAID1.  You get read load balancing, so in perfect world, if your disks can read at 100MB/sec, then you'll get 200MB/sec throughput.

Writes have no more overhead than if it was a single disk.
iguimarfernandesAuthor Commented:
Unfortunatelly none of the experts could help me to find a final solution, but they gave me good indications.
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