Receiving Error in Macro Function

I keep receiving a error in my reporting tool as I try to import a file pertaining to the "FormatTime" macro. Anyway I can fix this? I've attached the reporting tool (DSE Carelog Report) as well as the file I am trying to import. On the 'Table of Contents' tab within the DSE Carelog Report, you see it says "Import Report File(s)". From there, I select the file that is attached (SEARCH_SR_LIST.csv) and receive the error I was able to screenshot as well.
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This is the procedure that is shown in your picture:
Sub FormatTime()
For Each sh In ActiveWorkbook.Sheets
    If sh.Name = "Current" Or sh.Name = "Import" Then
        For Each c In Range(Range("I2"), Range("J" & Application.Max(2, Range("I" & Cells.Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row)))
            Debug.Print c.Address
            If Not IsDate(c) And c <> "" Then
                arrData = Split(c.Text, "-")
                arrTime = Split(Right(arrData(2), 8), ":")
                theDate = DateSerial(arrData(0), arrData(1), Left(arrData(2), 2))
                theTime = TimeSerial(arrTime(0), arrTime(1), arrTime(2))
                theDateTime = theDate + theTime
                c.Value = theDateTime
            End If
            c.NumberFormat = "mm\/dd\/yyyy hh:mm"
    End If
End Sub

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You indicate that the error is on the second of these two lines:
                arrData = Split(c.Text, "-")
                arrTime = Split(Right(arrData(2), 8), ":")

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You don't say what the error is, but if it is 'Subscript out of range' then it is likely that the data in the range has less than two hyphens. You need to test for that possibility and take appropriate steps. This code will just stop the process, but you will probably want to do something else.
                arrData = Split(c.Text, "-")
                If UBound(arrData) < 2 Then
                    MsgBox "Data error"
                End If
                arrTime = Split(Right(arrData(2), 8), ":")

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