Windows Server Backup Issue

I have been running Windows Server Backup on an SBS2011 server for quite some time.  I backup selected files to an external drive.  Today I installed a second external drive and performed a one time backup of Exchange to that drive.  

The Exchange backup ran to completion and is accessible, however, I can no longer recover files from the daily backup I have been running to the first external drive.  When attempting to recover, I get an error message indicating that the volume shadow copy on the destination drive is not accessible.  I see the drives being backed up, but cannot drill down and recover.  This is the case for current and all prior backups.

I'm assuming that this was caused by my running a single, one-time backup to the other drive,  I have restarted the VSS service on the server, but that did not resolve the problem.

Are my old backups recoverable?  I can see the VHD file on the external drive.
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Are you getting a specific error from the error table here:

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jspazianoctoAuthor Commented:
Nothing in the event logs.  Backups have been running every night with no errors.  I was able to recover a file this morning.  But cannot access any of the backups since running backup to second drive earlier today.  I can see the backup events in the calendar, select a backup to restore from and see the directories I have backed up, but can go no further.  Can't drill down to sub-directories or files.
Can you post a screen shot of the error or the screen you're stuck on?
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jspazianoctoAuthor Commented:
Will do.  Am currently running a backup now, so it may be a couple of hours before I can post.  I can't do a restore while the backup is running.  Thanks for the assistance.
jspazianoctoAuthor Commented:
Here is the message I get when trying to access a drive that has been backed up:
Unable to browse Data (E).  The shadow copy of the backup store on the backup device destination cannot be found.

My scheduled backup for last night seems to have worked, but when watching it run, it appeared to be creating a new VHD file.  I can restore files from the most current backup, but not from prior backups.

I am concerned about the stability of the Windows Server Backup on this system.
jspazianoctoAuthor Commented:
I replaced the external drive on this server and took the current drive offsite.  I believe the problem described above was related to a hardware failure, as I now cannot see the Windows Image Backup directory on the drive.

I can do manual backups to the new drive, but am having an issue with the scheduler.  I can schedule a new backup, but there is a system state backup that runs at 9 PM that takes a long time to run.  I cannot locate this scheduled job in Windows Server Backup.  How can I delete this job?
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