Pictures and text sent from my phone that I did not send

My wife is getting text messages from me and pictures from me that I did not send.  Some of the messages include photos that are obviously from my phone (looks like it was taken from the holster), my office, people around me that I know, etc.  But, I did not send any of these photos and texts!  Some of them say "HELP!  SOS, click here now!"  The part that gets me is that the phone is taking pictures of my surroundings and then are being texted to people I know.

I have an Android Samsung Galaxy 5 phone.  I am running two malware scanners:  Lookout and Malwarebytes.  How can I stop this activity?
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Backup and restore your phone - it'll delete all your apps, but it's the best way to kill a possible virus. Otherwise there might be some hardware issue with your phone, and you should take it in for warranty.
you can disable your camera, and text messages, until you figure out what the issue is after running a scan, do you recall downloading anything outside of google play store??? can you list all the apps on your phone???
Thomas Zucker-ScharffSolution GuideCommented:
You can use applister e by bespoje
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LEECHIPTURNERAuthor Commented:
I have scanned with Malwarebytes and Lookout.  Here is the list of apps:
AT&T FamilyMap, 2.2 (1.07 MB)
AT&T Locker, 1.1.37 (7.02 MB)
AT&T Mobile Locate, (6.83 MB)
AT&T Navigator, (26.11 MB)
Advanced Task Killer Free, 2.0.3B203 (138.57 KB)
Amazon Kindle, (35.54 MB)
Androminion, 4.01 (1.52 MB)
App Lister, (234.04 KB)
Battery Doctor, 4.18 (4.72 MB)
Bookmark Home, (425.00 KB)
Brightest Flashlight Free, 2.4.2 (1.23 MB)
Calculator, 3.0.640660 (755.02 KB)
Calendar, 4.4.2-G900AUCU2ANG3 (8.92 MB)
Calendar, 5.2-91668080-release (23.11 MB)
Caller Name ID, 2.20.0 2014-03-01 r2788@release-2788 (1.65 MB)
Camera, 3.0 (13.85 MB)
Chase, 3.21 (10.99 MB)
ChatON, 3.5.839 (15.16 MB)
Chemistry Helper, 1.0.14 (948.78 KB)
Chrome, 43.0.2357.78 (32.58 MB)
Clean Master, 5.9.8 (14.09 MB)
Clock, 3.0.822221 (4.76 MB)
CompTIA A+ Prep Pack, 1.0 (634.71 KB)
Computer Networks, 1.0 (2.00 MB)
Contacts, 4.4.2-G900AUCU2ANG3 (3.78 MB)
DIRECTV, 4.0.104 (32.85 MB)
Device Help, 1.0 (16.02 KB)
Dominion Shuffle, 1.8.16 (261.52 KB)
Drive, (13.89 MB)
DriveMode, (3.22 MB)
Dropbox, (37.14 MB)
Duolingo, 3.5.0 (7.90 MB)
Email, (11.97 MB)
Evernote, (22.00 MB)
Evernote Widget, 3.1.7 (1.22 MB)
Facebook, (35.33 MB)
Fast Reboot, 1.9 (32.08 KB)
Firefox, 34.0.1 (35.80 MB)
G Cloud, 5.2.20 (20.99 MB)
Gallery, 4.4.2-G900AUCU2ANG3 (41.24 MB)
Gmail, 5.2.93937770 (12.58 MB)
Google, (37.64 MB)
Google Settings, 7.5.71 (1955121-038) (35.85 MB)
Hangouts, 3.1.89134953 (17.11 MB)
Internet, 1.6.28 (11.50 MB)
Keeper, 2014.05.09 (18.76 MB)
LINE, 5.1.3 (24.63 MB)
Lookout, 9.19-451600e (8.33 MB)
MX Player, 1.7.38 (12.53 MB)
Magnify, 2.2.9 (207.21 KB)
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, (7.69 MB)
Maps, 9.9.0 (20.32 MB)
Memo, 1.0.2064818 (4.81 MB)
Messages, (6.54 MB)
Messaging, 4.4.2-G900AUCU2ANG3 (6.08 MB)
Messenger, (20.54 MB)
Mint, 4.2.0 (8.06 MB)
Mobile Hotspot, 4.4.2-G900AUCU2ANG3 (51.57 MB)
Mobile TV, 6.0.main.55-12aae21 (9.84 MB)
Music, 14010601.2.00.02 (2.27 MB)
My Files, 1.0 (2.18 MB)
POLARIS Office 5, 5.0.3403.06 (17.29 MB)
Phone, 4.4.2-G900AUCU2ANG3 (3.78 MB)
Play Books, 3.4.9 (10.00 MB)
Play Games, 3.0.11 (1917563-038) (10.07 MB)
Play Movies & TV, 3.8.8 (9.64 MB)
Play Music, 5.9.1854R.1904527 (15.50 MB)
Play Newsstand, 3.4.0 (10.41 MB)
Play Store, 5.5.12 (11.51 MB)
Rainy Days, 3.0.7 (4.48 MB)
RoboForm, 4.2.6 (5.18 MB)
S Note, 3.1.1406.7 (49.97 MB)
S Voice, (22.84 MB)
SA Stock Market News, 3.9.3 (7.00 MB)
Samsung Link, 2.0.2703 (11.26 MB)
Settings, 4.4.2-G900AUCU2ANG3 (51.57 MB)
SkyBell, 2.94 (7.58 MB)
Smart Remote, 7.13.7 (34.48 MB)
SmartSWF, 2.1.0 (1.65 MB)
Softcard, 3.0 (1.68 MB)
StockSpy, 2.9 (2.34 MB)
The Network Handbook, 2.04 (2.69 MB)
Uninstaller, 1.5.2 (116.00 KB)
Usage Manager, 1.0.3 (14.44 KB)
Vendormate, 3.0 (1.99 MB)
Video, A.01.011802V (928.63 KB)
Visual Voicemail, (1.40 MB)
Voice Recorder, 2.14.04171913 (7.93 MB)
Voice Search, (37.64 MB)
YP, 4.11.0 (17.34 MB)
YouTube, 10.18.55 (10.95 MB)
doubleTwist, 2.6.2 (17.47 MB)
iComfort, 2.0.14 (3.19 MB)
myAT&T, 3.0.3 (2.35 MB)
Thomas Zucker-ScharffSolution GuideCommented:
You don't need Advanced Task Killer Free, and  clean master.  I would get rid of Advanced Task Killer Free. What is StockSpy? If you don't know,  get rid of it.
LEECHIPTURNERAuthor Commented:
Stockspy is a stock management program.  I can get rid of the others.  But I have had these a long time, and this is a recent problem.  How can someone access the camera of my phone, then fake my phone number, and send it to people??
Do not disable the shutter sound on phone, so you will know if a picture is being taken. Is the shutter sound disabled on your phone? I'll look through the list, ,,,but if you can hear it go off then you may be able to locate the process or app via task Manager.

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There's is an app called clueful privacy advisor,it ratesyour apps according to risk, run that ASAP, any app that can access your photos remove.
Thomas Zucker-ScharffSolution GuideCommented:
Watchdog lite is also an app that checks privacy per app
LEECHIPTURNERAuthor Commented:
I've installed clueful and watchdog.  And turned on shutter sound.  So other than waiting for the shutter sound, there is nothing I can do other than than that?  This is crazy.  How are they able to access my camera??  I guess I need to do the first suggestion:  Backup and restore my phone, and hope that gets it.
Thomas Zucker-ScharffSolution GuideCommented:
After installing clueful,  I've decided it is better than watchdog (requires less setup ). My guess. Is that if neither clueful nor MBAM find anything,  you most likely don't have a malware problem. It may be something as simple as having your phone set to high sensitivity and having the camera app set to auto email your wife (mine is set to auto upload to Flickr).
Thomas Zucker-ScharffSolution GuideCommented:
It just occurred to me,  you don't happen to have "Tap  to take pics" turned  on do you?  If so try turning it off.
LEECHIPTURNERAuthor Commented:
Can you tell me how that works?  How can the camera app send emails to my wife?  What are the steps?
Thomas Zucker-ScharffSolution GuideCommented:
There are a number of ways one could do this,  none of which involve actual songs in the camera app.  The easiest is to use an app called If This Then That (IFTTT). Apps like Flickr and dropbox have an option for auto uploading.
What did clueful report for your apps? Did you check the ones that have access to your gallery/pics on your phone??
LEECHIPTURNERAuthor Commented:
There was one high risk app... G Cloud, so I uninstalled it.  Unfortunately, its hard wired into the phone, so I can't get rid of it.  There are several moderate risk, but again, I can't uninstall them... they just go back to factory defaults.  Really stupid that I have no control over the crap they put on the phone.

Thanks to everyone who responded.  Looks like there is no way to really determine whats going on here.  Just have to endure it.
Well disable them then, turn it off, in application manager,
Thomas Zucker-ScharffSolution GuideCommented:
There is a little app call HideApps That will list and allow you to easily disable those apps.
LEECHIPTURNERAuthor Commented:
Response was great!  I appreciate the help.  But, doesn't seem to be a clear way to nail this down and see what is going on.  I either have to restore the phone, or wait for a shutter click to tell me something is happening.
You could 'root' your phone too, and then remove ANY application on your phone with 'titanium backup' app,
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