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Hi Experts,

Were opening  office in LA main in NY. We will have a DC with basic services. Users from our office will be relocating permanently. Those users, we would like to direct their existing profiles to the new DC so their profiles don't sync across the connection. Is there an ideal way to accomplish this. Thanks in advance
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Are you establishing as part of the DC a file share that will have the user profiles/folders?
DFS replication such that the user will query the local DC/target of the share where the profiles/folders are.  The difficulty deals with how your current setup is whereby the replication will be of all users profiles replicate to the remote DC, or you can create a new DFS name space \\addomain\root\branchuserprofiles that is replicated between the branch and the HQ server
When the user is logged off update their AD entry to reflect that the location where their roaming profile should be stored to the new location while
Then using robocopy  copy the data from the current share location to the new share location with /copyall

Then configure the DFS referral in sites and services to access local first.
The same would apply to redirected user folders and any shared files that you need or you have a document management system that has DFS share as its storage.
The document management system will restrict access to the resource to make sure only one user can check out a document for editing.
Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
The question would be answered differently depending on whether they're taking their current workstations with them or getting new ones.  If they're taking their current workstations, the best way to do it would be to remove them from the roaming profiles policy on the last day they're in the NY office.  This will leave a local copy of their profile on their workstation, which can them be used to create a new roaming profile for them at the new office.  I would also send a backup copy of their server-based profile along on a USB stick in case there are problems with their permissions to the local copy after moving the workstation to a new DC.  

If they're getting new workstations, then the only possibility would be to copy the profiles to the new DC either remotely or by sending along a copy on removable media (i.e., USB stick) so that the admin at the LA office can use those profiles to recreate new roaming profiles on the local DC.  

Roaming profiles are tricky and most problems occur because of permissions issues.  The most important thing will be to set up the new roaming profiles share with the proper permissions. Then when you copy the old profile data into the new share, you'll need to force down the correct permissions to the entire user profile folder contents to make sure the roaming profile will work for the user's new AD account.

Here's an article that describes the necessary permissions (it's old but still good):

Also, if there are a lot of users involved, you might want to use a 3rd party tool for moving roaming profiles.
jaya31Author Commented:
Hi Experts,

Sorry for the delayed response, getting more info on the setup. For now, we are going to have one hyper-V, with - DC, File Server, Print Server. The users are going to have new pc's setup at the LA office.

We want them to

 Login to their new pc's and have their profiles sync to the new file server there.
 There will be no file share we have  My Documents and Desktop Redirection, which would like on the new file server

These are the two main things that we need accomplished
As far as the direction you gave I need Move/copy user profile data using robocopy
And change the profile path with tool, based on tech article(

Please let me know if moving in the right direction or steps I need to take. Thanks.
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You seem to be more focused on how versus what.

You need to establish whether you want the folders/profiles of these users replicated between the current location and the new just in the event they come back as well as having access/backup ...

How is your ad setup will

It would be unnecessary to replicate all user profiles and folders to the branch just to have

You could use /follow the guide you found.
jaya31Author Commented:
Hi Arnold,

Your right, that was a point brought up in our plans, when they do return to NY to have them login. I will follow the guide, but your suggestion to set up DFS is valid. What am not clear about is the order and the how. I want to focus on the users relocating to LA.

DO I Copy the profiles to their new machines or the file server in that order or reverse.

After that gets setup, I would like to set DFS for the replication would that be the order?
If they are getting new systems, who and where will they be setup?
Does your AD have site type layout plan where you would move the systems into the computer OU at the LA site?

the simpler is to establish a DFS name space between the HQ and the LA site.

DFS replication should be setup first, and then the share published.

This way you will robocopy the profile/folders to the site based
Note the difficulty if you gave folderrefirection, it has to be revoked before the new location will be used.
The robocopy in HQ will translate through DFS-r and this is one that you can use Asa test/verification.

If you gave the machine locally such that when you setup the new site based DFS and adjust the users roaming profile location in Ad. You can have the user login to confirm if the transition of both profile functionality as well as folder redirection.

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jaya31Author Commented:
In the process of setting this up next week. We decided on the steps below for now to get them going.

Allow the users to log on for the first time in LA and sync their profile to NY
After the log off, redirect their profile to the new server to LA

Seems simple enough. Of course backup their profile. Any feedback appreciated. Thanks.
Why the double step, not sure how you plan on redirecting their profile back, if the la office local file share server isthe target for the same domain based share the data will be uploaded to it. Prep libation in a hub config will have the la server replicate the data back to the HQ.
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