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Login prompt for the Login module in Joomla 1.5 says " To access the private * of this site, Please log in"...I want to change it. I feel it is indecent. Does anyone know how I can do this very quickly. The previous admin was not a English speaker and had to translate. I have checked everything but cannot find quick enough.
Snowbella KilangitAsked:
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Steve BinkCommented:
In your administrator panel, look under [Extensions | Module Manager].  In the list of modules, find all of type "mod_login".  In each of those modules, examine the "Pre-Text" and "Post-Text" values for the text you want to change.
Snowbella KilangitAuthor Commented:
Thanks Steve
I have checked all login modules and attached (screen capture) shows the text. Login-text.jpg
Steve BinkCommented:
Make sure you are looking at the correct module... it may be that you have more than one defined.

If the offending text is not defined in the module, then it could have been hard-coded in the template, in an override, or in a worst-case, in a change to core code.  If your search through the modules does not yield your answer, you'll need to grep the actual files and/or the database.
Snowbella KilangitAuthor Commented:
There are five login modules and none of them have that text. I will consider changing the template, but would you be able to give me steps on how to grep the actual files and/or the database?
Steve BinkCommented:
The grep utility is included with most *nix distributions, but a Windows server will likely need it installed.  Take a look at http://www.wingrep.com/ if you need to.  

Using grep will require command line access.  You would run grep from the document root of the website, meaning the top-most directory.  The format for the command is:
grep -rn 'exact text to look for' ./*

Open in new window

The exact text can be a sticking point, since the stored text could actually have markup embedded in it.  It may be a trial and error process, and that's assuming it is in the files at all.

For a database search, you can begin by searching the normal tables where module parameters are stored.  In your database server, try this SELECT statement:
SELECT * FROM joomla_modules WHERE params LIKE '%text you want to find%';

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Again, the text you are matching against may have markup embedded, so some experimentation may be necessary.  In addition, every table in your database will have an installation-specific prefix.  In the sample I posted, that prefix is assumed to be "joomla_", as in "joomla_modules".  You'll need to examine your database for the particular prefix used by your site, and modify the query accordingly.

If you don't find anything in the modules table, you can also look elsewhere just by changing the table name and/or the field being matched.  For example, the extensions table (which also uses the params field) is where plugins keep their information.  In my current Joomla 3.4 sandbox, there are over 75 tables to look through.  

Finally, an easier way to find this text would be to go back to the original developers and ask where they put it.  It certainly can't be anymore difficult than a manual search of the code base.

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