Defect Tracking and Source Control Tools to accommodate .NET and Java


I now work in a development shop with a mixture of technologies.  Some of the applications are written in .NET and some in Java and of course the .NET developers want exclusively TFS and the Java developers want Jira.  

My concern is that TFS seems unpopular with Java developers and with Jira I am not sure if it meets all the needs of the .NET developers. We are looking for one platform, the best of breed tools to accommodate both technologies. Emphasis should be on cost, ease of use and customer service.

My questions are, with regards to Defect Tracking and Source Control ONLY:
1. What will the Java Developers lose or gain by moving from a Jira to TFS?
2. What will the .NET developer lose or gain by moving from TFS to Jira?
3. What sites can you recommend to provide reliable reviews of both technologies.  I have come across these two, though I don't know how reliable they are.  Can you recommend a trustworthy source of review for such tools?
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Have you looked into as a possibility?  I have used this on multiple projects spanning multiple technologies, .NET / C / C++ etc.

Programmers can be VERY territorial when it comes to "tools of choice" be it Java or .Net.

Sorry I do not have any "trustworthy" sources of reviews of the tools for which you asked.  Only reason I suggest github is because I actually use it myself and it works very well.  I didn't just google search "good source code tools".

onaled777Author Commented:
Hello dr_linux and thank you so much for taking time out to share your experience.  

Github I have been learning to use as well.  So far it appears to be simple and does the job.  I have yet to know it as well as I do Jira but I will make sure to include this technology in my comparison.
It seems odd to me that you'd be running across much affinity for the defect tracking tools.  Either tool should be fine with either language at the level of defect tracking.

The more typical issues I see are related to source control system choice.  And the real issue there is how well the different tools integrate with the IDEs of the developers.  .NET developers are presumably using Visual Studio and may lean towards TFVC due to the integration while Java developers are probably using either Eclipse or IntelliJ and may want SVN or git plugin support.

So I'd suggest working out from the source control choice first.  And there the key is most likely ease of use vs actual capability (unless there's something very odd you need for your application).  Any modern source control system will be sufficient, but you'll want to look at the tools that your developers are using and which source control systems are well supported by those tools.  These days git is often a good choice (not necessarily github, although that's another choice) just because most tools support it.

The Microsoft side is generally going to be more into custom tools (less into the whole open-source thing in general) so you may want to look at this comparison of the strength and weaknesses of TFVC vs git:

Anyway once you have the source control worked out, I think the choice of defect tracking tool should be much less contentious.  You can largely pick any defect tracker that supports the source control system you like and you should be fine there.  (If there are zealots about that too you're working with the wrong group of engineers!)


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