SonicWall won't allow Scan to Email Traffic Out

Hello, I have a Sonicwall TZ215. I am not able to use Scan to Email option with the Sonicwall Installed. if I switch the Sonicwall with a Linksys router (a simple router) Scan to Email (gmail) works great. The moment I put in the Sonicwall it stops working. It seems like Sonicwall is dropping the scan to gmail traffic or blocking it.

Thank you
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You probably need to open some port(s) on the firewall to permit the service. What software are you using to scan and send the email. Or, if you don't know, what device (exactly make and model) is this being done on? A copier for example.
nappy_dThere are a 1000 ways to skin the technology cat.Commented:
So scan2email is using standard ports for SMTP email.
Take a look at your sonicwall logs and you will see the error from the copier's IP address can u post it here for us to review?
mattkiranAuthor Commented:
Hey Guys, I am so sorry. I have to go the site to generate some logs to post it. I will be there next week. I will keep you informed.

Thank you
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mattkiranAuthor Commented:
Hello everyone, I am so sorry for not getting back to you. I apologize . The make and model is lanier MP2553. Scan to email option is set to use outbound port number 587. SSL and authentication is set to on. The moment I install Linksys it works great and the moment I install Sonicwall TZ215W it drops the traffic. I will be able to generate some logs in couple of days when I bring the firewall back to the office.  Also I took the firewall offsite and Installed it in my office. I have a HP MFP 8620 . I am also using Scan to email (Gmail but with port number 465. It works great. Weird.

Thank you
What is the email setup? Do you use a forwarder, smarthost, or any other device on the LAN to relay the mail.

Typically the Sonciwall will permit all traffic from LAN to WAN. Have you created any custom rules that might be preventing this?
mattkiranAuthor Commented:
Hello, I found a solution.  The scanner was using a router's ip address as a DNS address. I changed it to a google DNS address. It worked.

Thank you

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mattkiranAuthor Commented:
Hi, I am not awarding myself any points but my comments is the right solution.

Thank you
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