Windows 8.1 in VDI on Hyper-V 2012r2

Testing Windows 8.1 Hyper-v2012r2 VDI and running in the follow annoyances.

Connecting computer: Win 7 Pro.
Hyper-V VDI setting are assigned to dedicated user.

1) Win 8.1 applications are automatically closing. I notice this every morning when reconnecting to VDI desktop: This occurs when closing out the the RDP session Window (click "X" in RDP aka, not signing off) just to pick up the next day. searched google but only could find info regarding automatic maintenance feature in Win 8.x (don't know if this is the cause).

2) Multi-screen not working. I installed all the necessary updates for RDP 8.x for Windows 7 but still do not have multi-screen support.
 RDP 8 is not listed in Group Policy on Win7 machine as indicated in other forum posts.

3) While on single screen mode, unable to adjust Full Screen resolution to smaller screen of a set.  Get scroll bars which makes it harder to work on that screen.
PT GuyAsked:
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1) that's abnormal. We use many 8.1 and reconnect to them via RDP - no such thing as auto closures.
2) win7 pro has no multi screen rdp support. You need win7 enterprise or ultimate.
3 please explain what you are trying to do. "adjust Full Screen resolution to smaller screen of a set" - what does that mean, what set?
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/StorageCommented:
1: GPO is set up to force disconnect/close after a period of time or at a set time of day.
2: As above, 7 Ultimate/Enterprise required for multi-screen.
3: Resize once in session is not possible. Set up in an RDP file for various required resolutions. I have several files for one machine. If I need to change I just reconnect using the RDP file with the required resolution and things resize as necessary.
3 resizing is possible and will work automatically if resolution is set to full screen. I use that.
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PT GuyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the responses:

1) Would the GPO close out of any open applications (though idle) if it were not being used after a period of time?
Note: I did not nice that the VDI disk was set to sleep after 20 minutes if idle. Changed it to "Never" don't know if that will solve it.

2) I misinterpreted multi-monitor support because the VDI session spans across both my monitors. Didn't realize that it allows you to span multiple monitors but not offer true multi-(independent) monitor support

3) I double check the resolution settings for the resize issues
1) with default settings? No. Windows 8.x not even has a GUI tochange that behavior, so that is not the realistic reason, since you would know.
2) /span and /multimon are different things. /span is possible with all windows editions, /multimon only with enterprise/ultimate
3) Sometimes it is buggy, by the way. So you start a rdp connection and it is full screen on your (let's say) left screen. Now you shift the session to your other monitor that has a different resolution. It should auto-resize and stay fullscreen, but it does not always do (but mostly does :)

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PT GuyAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for you replies.

Follow up question. Is RDP 8.x and RemoteFX need to be configured on the Win7 Pro workstation that you are connect from to the Win8.1 enterprise VDI machine? Or, is RDP 8.x only for the machine/VM/VDI connecting to from your workstation for the "additional" features that RDP 8 provides the end user?

Thank you,
RemoteFX is a server OS thing, it is not applicable here. The latest RDP version would have been installed automatically so there's no need for action.
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