CISCO 10x Unified additional license question

Hello All,

Quick question... I have a Unity 10x system that is currently licensed for 90 enhanced.... I need to get 10 more... I got a quote... I guess my question is where do I apply the new license? Is it particularly difficult or can I just open the Prime License manager and apply another license file? Will it add the 10 to my current 90 automatically or does cisco make it difficult as the usually do?
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José MéndezCommented:
LOL to the last statement!

In my opinion, its not that Cisco makes things difficult, its the documentation that is hard to find/absorb/understand

To answer your question, the new license you obtain from Cisco will include 100 seats. You then open your PLM and install it. This step will invalidate the previous one, and activate the new one. In PLM there can only be 1 active license at a time.

I hope this answers your question.
gsswho6Author Commented:
Thanks for your reply... So the reseller of the license will quote me for 10 and then CISCO itself will issue a new license key including the old licenses? Just making sure.... Thanks again.
José MéndezCommented:
You will receive a PAK. This PAK may be input into, which is an online tool that will work its magic in the background. An email with the real license will reach you afterward.

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