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On a Windows Vista machine whenever a user right-clicks on an item, such a My Computer or a command prompt, the circle/hour glass thing usually spins for about a minute before the object options such as Open, Rename, Properties, etc... open up.  That delay does not usually occur in WIndows XP or WIndows 7 and from any other versions of WIndows other than Vista.  Is there some way to get rid of that annoying delay and get it to show the object properties faster when right clicking on an object, perhaps by disabling an unneeded service or something ?   TIA,

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Chances are there is a Shell context menu item that may have been removed but the context for it is still in the menu. Download shellxview to your desktop from here:


It does not need to be installed. Run as an admin by right-clicking (sorry) on the program and selecting run as administrator. Once it opens, click on the "Type" heading to sort them by type and look at the entries that say Context Menu". Those are the ones that you have available from a right-click. You can right-click on any non-microsoft entry and select disable. Then test afterwards. If it is still bad, try another. If you have many entries, you can disable half at a time if you like and isolate the problem entry that way. You usually need to re-boot after disabling so you may want to do several at a time. once you identify the problem entry, either leave it disabled or fix the offending software install.

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you can also run sfc  - it repairs many OS problems, or even a repair  :
      http://vistasupport.mvps.org/system_file_checker.htm            SFC in Vista
      http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/tutorial148.html      repair Vista
LGroup1Author Commented:
This is perfect, thanks all.     And LOL @ "Run as an admin by right-clicking (sorry)"

Glad to be of help. Take care
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