surveillance ip cameras

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What are the best surveillance ip cameras
TemodyPickalbatros, IT ManagerAsked:
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The best are very expensive.   Do you have a budget?
There are different criteria depending on how much you are willing to pay and whether you want its data to be retrieved and retained outside the storage capacity of the camera?

What are you looking for the camera to do?
What are you surveying, how detailed do you want the picture to have, do you need the camera to be programmable to focus in on. i.e. if an object enters the preconfigured field the camera will focus on a particular object to get specific detail?
i.e. if you look at cars, to zoom/focus on the plate, etc. A person on the face?
TemodyPickalbatros, IT ManagerAuthor Commented:
I am now working with vivotek Ip cam it`s from 500 - 1000 $ i think it`s expensive enough
it`s very good it`s from 2-5 MP nice feature but it`s very slow over Internet from remote site
i think the issue in the software
any way we have a new building for the company and i want to test other new ip cam
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You need to look at the cameras that have h.264 support or have two modes of access one for raw and one for mobile access where the data stream is H.264.  The other option some of the HD cameras in that price range came with software that can be installed on a workstation/server that will connect to the IP cameras and aggregate the raw stream and this software includes the H.264 that you would then access from outside with a delay.
I do not know whether vivotek is one such camera.
Look at the software they offer at|model-filter:path=default|views:view=jplist-grid-view to see whether one of those provides the external access to the data  stream suitable for the external connection you have as well as the speed on the remote side. (PVR I think is what the system/software is called.)

Check whether the camera has two separate ports to use when one is on the LAN and one is for WAN type reduce bandwidth.

which model camera are you referencing.considering.
TemodyPickalbatros, IT ManagerAuthor Commented:
I have multipliable stream view as below
TemodyPickalbatros, IT ManagerAuthor Commented:
My camera Model

i have almost 10 came from This and 15 from other
I do not know which stream you get when externally connecting, if you get stream 1, it is the Full HD stream @1MBs .
Stream 2 is the H.264 @40kbs and stream 3 Mpeg @40KB

Are you looking at the direct stream versus delayed?

I am unfamiliar with this camera's options on the access side there might be two modes of access one raw full HD stream and one or two other options.
Does the camera have a mobile access support option?
TemodyPickalbatros, IT ManagerAuthor Commented:
remote site with Stream 2
Mobiles with stream 3
Only local access and recording with stream 1 HD
direct stream "Stream 1 HD" working fine no delay
the delay only from Remote Site
I contact with Vivotek Help Disk they told me the problem in the Internet connection I have 4 Mbps Upload
But i found other company working with HD camera 32 Cam with 2 mbps upload and its work fine not smooth but better than my vivotek
TemodyPickalbatros, IT ManagerAuthor Commented:
I think the issue in the software i think other surveillance ip cameras application streaming with somehow compress technology
your camera has it (MPEG/H.264), you just need to determine which stream of the three configured you are accessing.  Try changing stream 1 configuration to match stream2 and see if the remote access becomes better.

The camera does not include support for mobile devices according to the spec.
TemodyPickalbatros, IT ManagerAuthor Commented:
I choose type of Stream from the Device i connected from
So from my live client software i can choose from 4 stream type as in the cam configuration
when i access the cam from my ios or android iviewer software i`s automatically choose stream 3
do you have an option to choose stream 2 to see if it is better?
What is the rating on the outgoing side where the camera is connected as well as the available bandwidth on the device location from which you are accessing. stream 2 and 3 are 40Kb which should be fairly good possibly a bit jittery/skipping at times.

Seen PTZ outdoor/IP camera (POE) in the same price range, not sure what the MP rating on it is that included the setup/configuration tool that runs on windows including a windows based server that can collect data from the camera to store for longer duration than available on the built-in available storage and can be accessed from outside using various mobile devices and which will use the H264 possible higher frame rate and allows for a look back......
TemodyPickalbatros, IT ManagerAuthor Commented:
do you have an option to choose stream 2 to see if it is better?  Yes
i can choose stream as i like
stream 2 and 3 are 40Kb which should be fairly good    it`s OK but depending of the number of cameras it cause the delay it 32 cam
i am trying to Reduces number of frame fps i got more  store for longer duration than available
my suggestion to see if vivotek have a dvr software that can be on the lan accessing all the cameras and extending the storage based on available space on the system versus the camera and makes the recorded data for search as well as the current cameras in a split screen display.

the 3x3 or 4x4 display will stream the data more efficiently then trying to retrieve a significant number of cameras at the same time.

you have to balance the reduced fpm with the quality of images should you need them.

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TemodyPickalbatros, IT ManagerAuthor Commented:
my suggestion to see if vivotek have a dvr software
no they have not

the 3x3 or 4x4 display will stream the data more efficiently then trying to retrieve a significant number of cameras at the same time.
you are right good point

you have to balance the reduced fpm with the quality of images should you need them.
 sure i did
The only thing I can suggest is to look for an NVR software that can pull data from the IP cameras and store the data locally while allowing external access. that has h.264 support as many now do.

i.e. your NVR running on windows for example zoneminder is a linux based, do not recall if it can pull data from IP cams.
The local disks on the system will be used to store the data streams. and they provide external access.......

If you are looking for one PTZ outdoor IP (POE) camera, full HD see whether they include software downloads to configure/manage/NVR style.
BlueIris is excellent software that can grab feeds from most cameras.    It also has a great app to access everything remotely.     As suggested by Arnold, BlueIris will store files locally.

Tested Compatibility List,

I've tried quite a few and for the price you can't beat the feature list.
TemodyPickalbatros, IT ManagerAuthor Commented:
@arnold are you think the NVR hardware will be more faster than software based on windows
  it`s a based on Linux
  and what is the top NVR hardware brands
TemodyPickalbatros, IT ManagerAuthor Commented:
@tailoreddigital thanks for advice i`ll test it also
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