Reading fields from the text file.

I need some help in getting all the fields without hardcording the count of the columns.

I have a text file which has 4 lines. Each line has 64 fields. I want to read each field and print it out.

I am hardcoding the count to be 256. Is there a way I can do it without hardcording the column count?

use strict;
use warnings;
open(FILE,$datafile) or die "No, can't open the file";
my $string;

while (<FILE>){
      $string .= $_;

my @array = split(/\|/, $string);

for (my $i=0; $i <= 256; $i++) {

print "$array[$i]\n";

if ($array[$i] eq "") {
      print "No Value\n";
}#while loop
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print $_||"No Value","\n" for @array ;

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Why are you concatenating file content into $string? That wastes memory.

 If you want to get the the four lines to be seen as one, you can keep count and check of it is modulus 4 at which point push(@array,$string) while $string is reset to''

it sounds as though you need a two dimensional array.

Could you post a sample of the data at least 5 lines at most 9.
sduser1Author Commented:
Thanks for the replies.  I am attaching the sample file.  One more thing.  The first line in the file is the header. The rest of the 4 lines are the data for the header.

I want to print the header along with the array contents.  The below line of code worked to display the contents of the array without hardcoding. Thank you.

print $_||"No Value","\n" for @array ;
$array[0] will contain the header fields.
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