Internet explorer not displaying web page but chrome is

exact same url...

Internet explorer 10 gives a very generic "This page can't be displayed"
(I've added the site to trusted sites)

browses to website without a glitch.
the webserver is on our network and I was wondering if it is the server that is not liking something that explorer is submitting to it because the lack of an intuitive error is confusing
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Do a full reset of IE. Go to IE, Tools, Internet Options, Advanced and click on Reset. Choose the option to delete personal info (means putting in passwords again). When done, restart and test.

You can also try System File Checker. Open cmd.exe with Run as Administrator and run SFC /SCANNOW. Allow to complete, shut down, start up and test again
jamesmetcalf74Author Commented:
Just completed your instructions John.   Same result
K BCommented:
Are there any group policies preventing access?

You could shut down all browsers and web-based traffic after you download it and install fiddler. Then open Internet Explorer and to browse to the site that will not load and check traffic in fiddler when you browse to the troubled website. Click the text tab in fiddler The upper and lower sections (you'll see what I'm talking about)
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K BCommented:
Actually Headers Tab at top and middle. you have to click the information on the left to display the "tabs" i speak of
jamesmetcalf74Author Commented:
fiddler results for chrome are 1 line of blue font also has caching listed as private

fiddler results for explorer are 163 lines of black and gold font  that have caching listed as "no-cache"
jamesmetcalf74Author Commented:
here are the results of fiddler
jamesmetcalf74Author Commented:
second try
fiddler results
K BCommented:
K BCommented:
you have click on the left to reveal the goodness on the right..that's the meat
jamesmetcalf74Author Commented:
group policies I highly doubt because there are other intranet websites that work fine from the save server.

this webserver is in our dmz
K BCommented:
also clear it out and then start fresh and see what results show
K BCommented:
does it work from the outside and the inside ?
K BCommented:
also enable https decryption
jamesmetcalf74Author Commented:
second attempt at fiddler results
K BCommented:
you can see a DNT
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K BCommented:
under cookies
K BCommented:
jamesmetcalf74Author Commented:
it was checked.... I turned it off and website still didn't come up.  I turned it back on.

Question.... is there anything on the server that might be rejecting browsing because it is coming from IE 10?
K BCommented:
run fiddler until you don't see DNT under cookies
then post restults of IE
no need for chrome (it works)
K BCommented:
its rejecting it because you wont accept a cookie.
jamesmetcalf74Author Commented:
just allowed cookies via instruction from referenced website...

still not working
K BCommented:
post fiddler please
K BCommented:
that's not DO NOT TRACK thats cookie handling per session
K BCommented:
let me know when you don't see DNT under Cookies in fiddler and the post fiddler of failed IE request and then we can go from there.
jamesmetcalf74Author Commented:
dnt seems to be removed now
K BCommented:
what is the next few results after you take cookie there in IE?
also. Does the site work from outside of office and inside
K BCommented:
What are the results ..200 is good.. what else is there

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jamesmetcalf74Author Commented:
everyone of the results are of type 307 in explorer

only one result from chrome     207
K BCommented:
is there a redirect when you successfully go to the site in chrome.. try the final address in IE instead of the address you have been attempting
K BCommented:
is there custom code behind this site.. what is this site?
K BCommented:
If so I would certainly take it up with developers.
jamesmetcalf74Author Commented:
kb... thanks an absolute ton for your effort.  the logs assisted in the fix.
K BCommented:
Outstanding! Glad to have helped.
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