php mysql framework suggestions

Can anyone suggest a framework or library that make is easy to constructs a simple database driven website.

The framework needs to be free and ideally bsd licenced.

If it makes it easy to have a nice GUI like AJAX or jquery this would be a bonus.
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Loganathan NatarajanLAMP DeveloperCommented:
Hope you aware PHP, MYSQL, MVC, object oriented concepts in advance to work with frameworks.  You can go through Yii 2 framework. It has easy way of CRUD the db functions and create sites quickly with default bootstrap theme.

Framework details

Some basic CRUD tuts here  Link 11   Link 2

predefined themes available here
Ray PaseurCommented:
Laravel is what all the professionals are turning to today.  It's by far the best.
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
I enjoy using a microframework and an alternative is or the big sister which many other frameworks pull pieces from.  @Rob raves about the ease of 

>have a nice GUI like AJAX or jquery
jquery, javascript, ajax is front end development where php/db is backend.  These types of frameworks mentioned will have backend functions.  Any front end functionality will come from your themes/templates which is a separate issue.

Perhaps we have all misinterpreted your question.  Are you looking for an IDE to make all of this easy for you?

At one time, dreamweaver had the ability to create db connections and drag and drop CRUD options.  For good reason, they have take that functionality out.  They also have an instant preview that mimic's the browser but it is best to just use the code view and actually view your html in a browser.  There used to be a lot of questions here about why things didn't line up on DW but worked in the browser.

I use phpstorm which can connect to your db and use that to make sure you type the right fields in.  There are both php and javascript/jquery functionalities in the code area that alert you to possible mistakes.  

Everybody has their own favorite IDE and you can probably get into some solid debates as to which is the best.
JAuthor Commented:

Thanks for that, I think I was actually looking for what dreamweaver took out by the sounds of it. I would be interested in what the good reasons were for removing it. In the end I have just coded what I needed from scratch.
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
I'm going to guess it was a nightmare to keep up with.  I used DW at one time myself and the original code it created for the db functions was a mangled mess and unsafe.  I think after cs3 they dropped support for .NET and kept classic ASP and PHP.    The code that was generated was better with cs4/5 but still not great.  As things changed quickly, I don't think it could keep up.  Plus all the folks that just wanted a quick website turned to the likes of wordpress/joomla/drupal and now squarespace/wix/weebly.  

Those left actually coding went to text editor style IDE's.

And app dev's went to eclipse / android studio / xcode

Front end coders and back end coders have different needs, I found phpstorm took care of both for me.

As far as a front end framework, I use a responsive framework, and there is a very good alternative

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