Basing field value on date in another field in Microsoft Access


I can't remember how to do this...The lower sub-form where the field MedNeccessityDate is highlighted in orange is based on a query which links a two queries together (qrydemoclients) and (DAclients). The field in the upper sub-form MedNeccessityDate is where the Med Neccessity is actually entered by the user, but I have that same field in the lower sub-form query so when it is entered in upper sub-form it automatically appears in lower sub-form in that field highlighted in orange. What I am trying to accomplish is this....In the lower subform, If the user selects DA is Needed - Yes, then I want the Date DA Needed field to automatically calculate to 14 days from the MedNecessityDate. If the Follow-up DA is Needed, then I want the Date Follow-up is Needed field to automatically calculate to 14 days from the MedNecessityDate. I think I have the whole MedNecessityDate set up wrong because I have tried putting that calculation on the After-Update of the orange field, but I'm thinking since I do not actually enter the data into that field, that is going to work. Can anyone help me with this code? Thanks.
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If they will be select "DA is needed" and "Followup is needed" after entering the MedicalNecessity date then you can do the calculation in the AfterUpdate Event of those controls.

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Dale FyeCommented:
I agree with JimFive.  The code for that would look something like:

if me.[MedicalNecessityDate] & "" = "" Then
    'there is no date in MedicalNecessityDate
Elseif me.cbo_SomeControl = "DA is Needed" Then
    me.txt_Date_DA_Is_Needed = DateAdd("d", 14, me.[MedicalNecessityDate])
elseif me.cbo_SomeControl = "Followup is Needed" Then
    me.txt_Date_Followup_Is_Needed = DateAdd("d", 14, me.[MedicalNecessityDate])
manndoAuthor Commented:
After some changing on the code I got it to work. Thank you! Wasn't sure how to divide the points because I couldn't have done it correctly without the code but JimFive was right on the solution. If you want me to change it I will.
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