Network connectiviy issue

Hi: I am in very confusion and not not able to understand the problem.

we have to office one is on1st floor and second one is on 2nd floor.  People capacity is 30 on 2nd floor and 15 people on 1st floor. conectivity is done from 2nd floor to 1st floor and switches is 100/10kbps on 2nd floor and 1gb switch on 1st floor. Problem is this on 1st floor normal desktop is connected through wire and it get disconnected for 1 second and again start working and it does not happened frequently it happened after some time.

Please help me to fix this problem ASAp.

Sanjeev Jha.
Sanjeev jhaAsked:
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TemodyPickalbatros, IT ManagerCommented:
First bring the pc to your office and test it with another cable
Trying this pc on 1Gb switch and on 100Mb switch
If still NIC disconnected add another NIC and test again
andreasSystem AdminCommented:
Does it only affect ONE Device in 1st floor or all devices? If all exchange switch.
Sanjeev jhaAuthor Commented:
Not all 3 to 4 PC only.
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andreasSystem AdminCommented:
Does this PC have same NIC/NIC Drivers?

Are the LAN cable lenghts (from switch to those PCs) below 100meters (including the patch cables on both sides)?

Try to fix Speed and duplex to 1Gbs Full duplex in the NIC drivers settings, sometimes some NICs have problems with autonegotiation on some switches.
Sanjeev jhaAuthor Commented:
Thanks. Let me do this changes and need to keep on observation for 1 days. i would appreciate apart this any solution if you suggest.

andreasSystem AdminCommented:
IF fixing the speed duplex values solve the problem, you can try to update NIC-drivers and switch firmware. Or just let it fixed.
Sanjeev jhaAuthor Commented:
In Problem PC there is no availabile 1Gbs full duplex in the NIC drivers setting.
andreasSystem AdminCommented:
Then fix it to 100Mbp/s fullduplex if available (if the driver doesnt support this (some intel cards dont) fix speed and duplex on the switchport for that device.
GigE works best at auto only.
Everything need to be set to auto period.
Do not mix and match duplex settings.
AkinsdNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Have you tried swapping the cable between good connections and the one that drops?

Auto settings (autosense) work very well most of the time but it may become necessary to hardcode settings if negotiation conflicts arise. Event logs may point you in the right direction.
The goal is to match the speed and duplex on the NIC to the speed and duplex on the Switchport the device connects to

See the article below 
I've extracted pertinent information and pasted it below
Common causes of connectivity problems are as follows:
    Network adapters and switch ports have mismatching duplex levels or transfer speed settings.
    Network adapters or switches with transmission rates of 10/100 megabits per second (Mbps) do not switch over correctly. Some autosense settings may not correctly detect the speed of some network adapters.
    The network adapter is incompatible with the motherboard or other hardware or software components and drivers.

Typical error messages include the following:
Error 55: "The specified network resource is no longer available" (ERROR_DEV_NOT_EXIST).
Error 64: "The specified network name is no longer available" (ERROR_NETNAME_DELETED).
Error 121: "The semaphore timeout period has expired" (ERROR_SEM_TIMEOUT).
Error 1231: "The remote network is not reachable by the transport" (ERROR_NETWORK_UNREACHABLE).  
Unless he has smart switches that allow for manually setting duplex,auto is the best way to go.
If you have switches that will not do auto properly,ditch them.
Replacing hardware is cheaper than time and effort lost trying to trouble shoot.

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Sanjeev jhaAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much to one and all for support. I have replaced the switch with 10/100 mbps and it is working fine now.
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