Download large number of files on local server in

In my application I have a option where user can upload their files on our Google Drive account.
Now we added a option where user can use his own Google Drive to store files uploaded from my application.
When user switch from our Google Drive to their own than we need to transfer all files from our Google drive to theirs.

I have written all code to do,
1. I download all files from our Google drive to one server.
2. then from this server I upload them to Users Google Drive.

I am using below code to download files asyn way but this keep failing and throwing errors on the "Completed" event.

The error in maximum times is this
An exception occurred during a WebClient request.
System.Net.WebException: An exception occurred during a WebClient request. ---> System.IO.IOException: The process cannot access the file 'E:\GoogleDataUpload\Files\5\11-409.PDF' because it is being used by another process.
   at System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath),

I need to know is there any other way of downloading files or in this code only can I do some change to make it work.

   static void DownloadFile(string url, string fileName, Int64 kiaSerialId, Int64? articleAttachmentID, Int64? articleID, string googleFileId, bool isGoogleDoc)
            WebClient webClient;
            string filePath;

            filePath = CommonMethods.GetDownloadedPath(fileName, kiaSerialId);
                webClient = new WebClient();
                webClient.DownloadFileCompleted += new AsyncCompletedEventHandler(Completed);
                webClient.QueryString.Add("fileName", filePath);
                webClient.QueryString.Add("kiaSerialId", kiaSerialId.ToString());
                webClient.QueryString.Add("articleAttachmentID", articleAttachmentID.ToString());
                webClient.QueryString.Add("articleID", articleID.ToString());
                webClient.QueryString.Add("googleFileId", googleFileId);
                webClient.QueryString.Add("isGoogleDoc", isGoogleDoc.ToString());
                webClient.DownloadFileAsync(new Uri(url), filePath);
                //webClient.DownloadFile(new Uri(url), CommonMethods.GetDownloadedPath(fileName, kiaSerialId));                
            catch (Exception ex)
                _stringBuilder.AppendLine("Error in downloading");



        private static void Completed(object sender, AsyncCompletedEventArgs e)
            WebClient client = (WebClient)sender;
            if (e.Error == null)
                //EventLogs.LogInformation("File Downloaded");
                EventLogs.LogError("Error in Downloading \n" + e.Error.Message + "\n" + e.Error);                

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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
you have to wait for the WebClient.DownloadFileCompleted Event to fire before you start uploading! files in

There are other ways i.e. transferring ownership!msg/docs/taeiTt_vNFo/DAEIp3YyfysJ

Docs format and for folders ownership can be transferred. First you share with the new account and then you enter the share dialogue again and transfer ownership. I recommend to do this first for folders and then for the Docs files within those folders.!msg/docs/taeiTt_vNFo/DAEIp3YyfysJ

There is always google takeout

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