Need support with a MS SQL select-query

Dear SQL Expers,

I have two tables
ID (int)
Name (varchar)


ID  Name
--  ----
1   Tom
2   Mike

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DayNo (int)
PlayerID (int)
GameNo (int)
Score (int)


DayNo  PlayerID  GameNo  Score
-----  --------  ------  -----
1      1         1       100
1      1         2       110
1      2         1       200
1      2         2       210
2      1         1       150
2      1         2       160
2      2         1       250
2      2         2       260

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The GameResults table contains scores of idivudal games per player and day. In the above example, two players have each played on two days and on each day have played 2 games. A "game-series" consists of sum of the games each player per day, i.e. Tom has played a series of 210 on day 1 and a series of 310 on day 2, and Mike as played a series of 410 on day 1 and a series of 510 on day 2.

Now I need a query that gives me the highest and lowest series per player, e.g.
Player  SeriesHigh  SeriesLow
------  ----------  ---------
Tom     310         210
Mike    510         410

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How would a Select-Query look like to achieve that result?

Thank you VERY much for enlightening me here...

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PortletPaulEE Topic AdvisorCommented:
select p.Name, min(g.GameNo), max(g.GameNo)
from Players p
left join GameResults g on = g.PlayerID
group by p.Name

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I opted for a LEFT JOIN so that it would list all players even if they have not played. If you do not need or want that then use INNER JOIN instead.
StaudteAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Paul, for the quick reply.

But as far as I see this gives my only the highest or lowest game - I need the highest or lowest series, i.e. sum of games of a day.
Scott PletcherSenior DBACommented:
SELECT PlayerID, MAX(Total_Day_Score) AS SeriesHigh, MIN(Total_Day_Score) AS SeriesLow
    SELECT PlayerID, DayNo, SUM(Score) AS Total_Day_Score
    FROM GameResults
    GROUP BY PlayerID, DayNo
) AS derived

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StaudteAuthor Commented:
PERFECT! Thank you so much!
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