inotifywait in linux

/usr/bin/inotifywait --timefmt "%c" -mrq -e MODIFY,ATTRIB,CREATE,DELETE --format "%T|%e|%w%f|" $PATH1 $PATH2 $PATH3 | while IFS=\| read TIME EVENT FILE

For the above command, inotifywait will watch the file event (MODIFY,ATTRIB,CREATE,DELETE) for the specified path ($PATH1 - 3).

1. -timefmt "%c"  : what does "%c" mean ?
2. --format "%T|%e|%w%f : what does each % element represent ?

The output of inotifywait will be pipelined to IFS for field separation and then load into TIME EVENT FILE variable, correct ?
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Nearly correct. Or didn't you post the whole thing?

"while" requires a do/done loop, so it should look like this:

... | while IFS=\| read TIME EVENT FILE
      : some code to process the variables

As for the format conversions (derived from the "inotifywait" man page):

%w   name of the watched file/directory on which an event occurred.
%f     When an event occurs within a directory, the name of the file which caused the event. Otherwise empty.
%w%f  thus contains the file's full path when an event occurs on a file in a watched directory.
%e     Event(s) which occurred, comma-separated.
%Xe   Event(s) which occurred, separated by whichever character is in the place of 'X'.
%T     Current Time in the format specified by the --timefmt option

The time formatting is strftime() compliant (as used with the "date" command).

 %c is the locale's appropriate date and time representation (default for "date").

When working with the TIME variable you should quote it ( "$TIME" ) because it will contain spaces.

Note: --timefmt determines what will replace "%T" .

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