File in folder on Windows network share using python

For this question lets say the network share is \\\d$\testfolder\
preferred method: Would like to store all the file names in a python list\
other option: Store all the file names to an output.txt file in c:\resultsfolder\

I am using python 3.4 due to getting the script to integrate with tkinter.
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1.) From python's point of view there shouldn't be anything special about a network share.  It should be accessible like a local directory.

Just do the correct escaping for the path name. (note the  r before the double quotes.)

source_dir = r"C:\mydirectory"  # path to a local directory
source_dir = r"\\\d$\testfolder" # path to a remote directory.

So  to be sure, that you don't have any permission issues:

Does following code work?
import os

source_dir =  r"\\\d$\testfolder" 
for entry in os.listdir(source_dir):
    print("found %r" % entry)

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If you want to have ALL files recursively, then you can use os.walk()
I can give you an example if you like to.
The current example lists all files and directory in the remote network share.

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m_travisAuthor Commented:
Thank you, worked perfectly.

What is the r for?
if you don't use the r you had to escape every backslash which is quite tedious


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is equivalent to

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which is less readable and more error prone

There is only one exection (in which I fell immediately, when I heard first about the r prefix.

If the last character of a string is a \ , then you have still to escape it.


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is invalid
you had to type

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m_travisAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the explanation. I also posted the following python question that you might be able to help.

Other python question
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