vmware replication 5.8

I just deployed vsphere replication appliance in my cluster and I am wondering how to handle a few different scenarios here.

First a little info about the cluster.  I have two hosts running esxi 5.5 and one vcenter server.  I have the essentials plus licenses.  Right now I have 9 VMs running and I have a some local storage on each host as well as two shared storage devices each with 1.8tb and connected via iscsi.  I have successfully replicated a test machine and I have done a recovery on it, so I believe replication is working.  My goal here is not to replicate to a second site but to replicate the VMs to other storage in my cluster in case I lose a DataStore.

however, I want to know what could or would happen to my ability to recover VMs if I lost the vcenter server.  Should I use replication to protect the vcenter server?  Would a quick easy way to avoid issues with losing vcenter be to clone vcenter server to a separate storage device so I have a clone to fireup if I need to?

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Davy ParidaensCommented:
Hi IKtech,

Even if vCenter is offline or not responding you can always connect to your VmwareESXi host power of the guest and copy to an other host. vMotion will not be available of course.


IKtechAuthor Commented:
What if the storage where the virtual machine running vcenter is broken...  That is the scenario that I don't have a plan for even if I have a replica.
Davy ParidaensCommented:
You can use Virtual SAN with a vSphere HA cluster only if the following conditions are met:

The cluster's ESXi hosts all must be version 5.5 or later.
The cluster must have a minimum of three ESXi hosts.
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Davy ParidaensCommented:
Make a network diagram how you see the ESXi hosts,datastores,switches,...
we can give you better suggestions then.
IKtechAuthor Commented:
after some more research I have found that you can create a new virtual machine with out a disk and then attach the vmdk replica.  This will allow you to "recover" using your replicas with out vsphere server.

Also I think I will clone vsphere server and keep the clone on another storage device in case of trouble...


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IKtechAuthor Commented:
not pretty but it works...
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