SQL formula assistance to calculate percentages

I have 2 tasks that save data for Total Qty and Completed Qty, Nailing and Custom.

Custom Completed / Custom Total = Custom % Complete
COALESCE (a.Custom_Completed / NULLIF (a.Custom_TotalQty, 0), 0)

Nailing Completed / Nailing Total = Nailing % Complete
COALESCE (dbo.Manuf_Schedule_Nailing.NAIL_Custom_CompletedQty / NULLIF (dbo.Manuf_Schedule_Nailing.NAIL_Custom_TotalQty, 0), 0)

I need to combine the two totals for one % complete but the coalesce and nullifs are giving me incorrect values.

COALESCE ((dbo.Manuf_Schedule_Nailing.NAIL_Custom_CompletedQty + a.Custom_Completed) / (a.Custom_TotalQty + dbo.Manuf_Schedule_Nailing.NAIL_Custom_TotalQty), 1)


COALESCE (a.Custom_Completed / NULLIF (a.Custom_TotalQty, 0), 0) + COALESCE (dbo.Manuf_Schedule_Nailing.NAIL_Custom_CompletedQty / NULLIF (dbo.Manuf_Schedule_Nailing.NAIL_Custom_TotalQty, 0), 0)
Norm-alNetwork EngineerAsked:
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awking00Information Technology SpecialistCommented:
Can you provide some sample data and what you expect the output to be?
PortletPaulEE Topic AdvisorCommented:
Try using an APPLY operator. These are very convenient because you can give each calculation an alias, then use those aliases elsewhere in the query.

I have simply added the 2 percentages and divided by 2

    , Nailing_pct_Complete
    , (Custom_pct_Complete + Nailing_pct_Complete) / 2 as one_pct_complete
from your_table a
outer apply (
                  COALESCE (a.Custom_Completed / NULLIF (a.Custom_TotalQty, 0), 0)
                , COALESCE (dbo.Manuf_Schedule_Nailing.NAIL_Custom_CompletedQty / NULLIF (dbo.Manuf_Schedule_Nailing.NAIL_Custom_TotalQty, 0), 0)
            ) as OA (Custom_pct_Complete,Nailing_pct_Complete)

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Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
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