Windows 2008 r2 server won't maintain network connection

Our 2008 r2 file server has intermittent drops. it will have brief periods where no one can browse  the files so they can't download or upload to/from the server, so it's causing a lot of problems for some of the heavy users.  It's not losing any pings, can ping constantly without any drops.  Other servers on the same node don't have this problem, or else it's not noticeable because they're not as heavily used.  What can cause it to drop intermittently like this?
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Anything interesting in the Event Logs?

Do  you see excessive disk or CPU activity when the problem occurs?
maharlikaAuthor Commented:
No excessive disk or cpu activity. What would i look for in the event logs?
Any sort of errors in System around the time of the problem.

I should have also asked about excessive network traffic on the server at the same time.  You can monitor that with Task Manager or just look at the network LED on the server or switch.  On the other hand, I'd expect excessive network traffic to show up in your Ping test (dropped or slow packets).
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What type of server is it, and what type of NICs does it have? For example, servers with Broadcom NICs should usually have TCP Offload turned off. That alone may resolve your issue.
maharlikaAuthor Commented:
Turned out to have a fixed IP address in the DHCP range, the reservation was made on the wrong dhcp server so it kept getting ip address conflict. Changed it to fixed ip outside the dhcp range and it fixed the problem.

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maharlikaAuthor Commented:
that fixed the problem
Wasn't there an on-screen message when the conflict occurred?
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