SQL integration Services Data Type Issue

In an Execute SQL Task control Flow I am using the Single Row Result Set. SQL Query follows: Select Count(*) As Rec_Ct, Sum(Value) As Tot_Val From Sales_Table. The Rec_Ct field is assigned to the RecordCount(int32) variable and the Tot_Val(numeric(16,5) is assigned to the TotalValue(double) variable. Upon execution I receive the error "The type of the value being assigned to variable TotalValue differs from the current type". I have run this package without the Sum(Value) field and the package runs fine. Is it possible to use the SUM aggregate in Integration Services ? Is there another variable type I should be using ? Thanks.
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The definition of the sum() function (here) indicates that for a decimal parameter it returns decimal(38, s).

Therefore, looking at the definitions of SSIS data types (here) I would suggest that you use either DT_NUMERIC or DT_DECIMAL. DT_NUMERIC is the larger and so may be necessary for you.


StampITAuthor Commented:
When configuring a variable neither DT_DECIMAL nor DT_NUMERIC are options under Data Type. Boolean, Byte, Char, Dattime,Dbnull,Double,Int16, Int32, Int64, Object, SByte, Single, String, UInt32, and Uint64 are the options. I have tried Double and Single. Tried to convert into varchar and use Char for the variable. None of this worked. Thanks.
You missed the Decimal - it's the one above the Double. .........
Oh! oops! I'm very sorry! I just noticed that your message is tagged SQL Server 2008.

Please use an Object until you get SQL Server 2012, when Decimal is introduced. There's a translation map here that you may find useful.

Again, my apologies!


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StampITAuthor Commented:
Presumably that helped! Good.
StampITAuthor Commented:
Yes. Using the Object data type for the variable allowed storage of the query result. Thanks.
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