Can't get names and numbers off of Blackberry Bold 9900

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Client has a Blackberry Bold 9900 with names and phone numbers on it.  They installed the Blackberry software on a Mac, but the sync to Address Book wouldn't work.  There was a message on the screen saying that they should turn off the wireless sync of contacts.

They can't seem to turn off the wireless sync, and need step by step illustrations.  

Can someone point us to a link to illustrated steps?

Question 2:
If they switch their cell service to an iPhone, will the numbers on the Blackberry remain on the Blackberry?
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usually the contacts will be a mirror of what they have in their Email account (which is paired to the berry).  You don't say whether this is a BES operated handset, or stand-alone BIS.  Also if they use Exchange, or other email service.

You should be able to install the older Blackberry Manager app (to talk to the older 9900) and backup/export the contact files.

Under the Contact view, you should be able to go into the menu (BB logo) and under settings/advanced, turn off the wireless sync.  This also needs to be done on the BB Manager side too before hooking it up to the USB cable.

Also watch out for some older numbers on the SIM CARD, if user has had it a long time (before BB and smartphones), thats a wee gotcha that you sometimes get.  Again on the Phone mode of the Berry, you can choose an option in the menu to Copy SIM numbers to Contacts, for make a copy, which can be tidied up in their email client.

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